X Files Return Desired by David Duchovny

In a story on MSN News via The Telegraph by Anita Singh, Arts and Entertainment Editor, David Duchovny, who played the Mulder part of our Scullymulder X Files parody investigator, says he wants to make more of the series.

Singh reported that:

David Duchovny says an X Files reunion with Gillian Anderson “is going to happen pretty soon”.

Speculation about a comeback for Agents Mulder and Scully has been swirling, and Duchovny confirmed that plans are under way.

The TV show ended 13 years ago. Asked if he was “done with The X-Files”, Duchovny said he felt quite the opposite.

“If you’d asked me this question 10 years ago, I would have said: yes, I’ve had enough.

“But at this point, it’s almost like going out on a greatest hits tour. It would be a lark. And I think it’s going to happen pretty soon,” he told The Observer.

Here’s scullymulder in great greenYgreying form:

The X Files

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