Quentin Tarantino Inspired Character Travels to X Files Parody

Hi, it’s Quentin Tarwolftino, film and movie critic at the greenYgrey inspired by Quentin Tarantino. I’m just posting to let you know I’m leaving for the XaW Files, as the greenYgrey seems to be in a bit of a pickle. It reminded me of Apocalypse Now, as I say below.

Guardians of the Galaxy

While I think the greenYgrey has been influenced by Apocalypse Now for a long time, I have recently been inspired by Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy, although to tell you the truth, I haven’t got around to watching or reviewing it.

The original GotG pre-dates the greenYgrey by many moons, but the modern team was gathered in 2008, a few moons after the greenYgrey entered the human world.

Not only does GotG have a rather greenYgreyesque name, but it also has all the ingredients of great greenYgrey amongst its characters.

File Name : Guardians Of The Galaxy Wallpapers Movie

Groot starts it off with a Groo where we have a Gree, and is a greenygrey tree, Rocket raccoon provides the animal interest and Gamora is a green woman. Quill has writer connotations, while Drax is health and fitness.

I will try and draw on their example as I travel through the movie screen vortex, and into the XaW Files via Apocalypse Now:

Apocalypse Now

I sometimes feel like my mind has arrived at one of its possible destinations in life envisaged at an early age, created mostly from watching or reading fiction, documentaries and biographies. Apocalypse Now . The opening scene. Captain Willard’s crazed behaviour, apparent thoughts and movements, alone in a basic room.

It’s a type of mental place where writers and artists need to go, those that are searching for deepness anyway: Can I play with madness etc?, although I don’t think you need the physical damage Willard causes.

Willard’s craziness was only temporary though. Compared to Colonel Kurtz’s final permanent horror in the end scenes.

The trailer below has a YouTube age warning, so please don’t watch if you think you might not be old enough, or are easily offended and shocked.

Was the Kurtz character wrong though? Or simply a correct realist, grown too old and weary to fight depression and negativity, born out of experience and intelligence.

I don’t know for sure; I’m only sure no philosophical theory is sure, as Socrates is said to have thought that the wisest people are those who know they know little.

I think it really depends on your mind, outlook and experiences. If you want to know the truth about humanity and the world, there’s enough places to look, with extremes of positivity and negativity, peace and war.

I have looked for the truth about humanity, and the truth about me, in war and peace. In the end, I think the meaning of life is just living, life itself. There are examples of good and evil everywhere, and they just seem to evolve, mutating into different versions of themselves. Something good can create something bad, and vice-versa.

Is the truth about humanity any more apparent in a war zone than a peaceful hamlet? One day’s peaceful hamlet is tomorrow’s war zone. They are both sides of humanity, in line with greenYgrey theory.

Perhaps one way human civilisation can be summed up is: continuous change, with the possibility of sudden movement, hidden under the surface illusion of permanence.

Anyway, I’m off to the XaW Files now, flying in on one of the first posters Marc Latham bought when he started university twenty years ago…



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