X Files Parody Sky Art Pripyatsky Epic Poem

The X Files parody Europe/Eurasia fantasy ramble by Google Maps is trying to mix artistic poetry with a prose theme, bringing together the best elements of the first two fantasy rambles in North America and Australia.

X Files Parody Introduction

Today we’ve got an epic rambling poem that would be more suited to our Jack Kerouac Jack Wolfpac introducing, but he is of course now starring in our XaW Files, including this very episode below.

And this episode is very much influenced by the 1950s/1960s counter-culture, although they were inspired by previous works of art too of course, in a stream of thought trickling back through the ages to the earliest art and writing, and including the inspiration for our very own William Werewolfsworth,  the Romantic William Wordsworth.

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fantasy literature correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Pripyatsky Chernobyl Sky Art Poem

Chapter 3 Episode 7

Writing is like waiting for a train
at a station you’ve been before
one with many platforms
and a timetable
but the trains
don’t always run to time
or from the planned platform
and sometimes don’t go
where you originally wanted
but you enjoy the journey
wherever it takes you
knowing the journey
is more important
than the destination
and that it is vital
to try and absorb
learn and remember
what you experienced.

Sometimes I don’t have to read.
The ideas are already inside my head.
Today I read.
Then the idea fell from my head.
The idea that sometimes
I have ideas
and sometimes I don’t
when I sit down to write…
‘what was the point of you writing this?’
you would be forgiven for thinking
and I don’t know if I can completely justify it
but if you had thought the words four lines above
then at least it has inspired movement
in your mind maps
the way reading about Chernobyl
did in mine this morning
and especially how it emptied its closest city
a city I already completely knew… by name
for its name made up the first two syllables
of the beautiful natural reserve
I had chosen to visit
and take my travelling companions
Love and Jack
only the sky was missing
in Pripyat city from Pripyatsky
quite ironic in a completely horrific way…

that now the streets were empty
because of what was carried
through the sky
that now the shops were empty
because of what was carried
through the sky
that now the sportsgrounds were empty
because of what was carried
through the sky
but natural life was fighting back
and one day Pripyat city will hopefully
be as healthy as Pripyatsky.

I felt like I had hardly started
my journey to Pripyatsky
but I was already there
I had always been there
I am everywhere
the good and the bad
the happy and the sad
for when it comes down to it
I am life on Earth
what can be seen
in negativity as in positivity
why sad gives way to happy
green and grey the majority view
but I lacked alacricity
cheerful readiness
to love me and you…

and I’m not referring
to the Love now travelling
with us three 2GY
and Jack makes two
or four if you count us as three
it’s entirely up to you…

until my Y flowered
like sun sparkling through
grass misted by morning dew.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.