Peace Day Mirror Poem Reflection

The next reflection from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections to be serialised was paired with Peace Day Poem, which dates from September 2010.

Mirror Poem Reflection

While normal peaceful daily life can seem boring, it is also an idyllic paradise compared to war zones and disaster areas.

I think learning to love the mundane everyday moment is a good social skill, in line with Buddhist theory; and appreciating what nature we have, and trying to preserve it, in line with many ancient native people.

World Conflict Zones

How the Yazidi people must wish they could return to the homes they had last year.

And it’s not only the Middle-East, with a recent C4 news feature reporting that over 500 women were abducted and murdered in Honduras last year, in a country that has descended into a Russell Brand Revolution style dystopian anarchy.

Eastern Ukraine is also a major war zone, in a continent that has known peace for many years. Homes, communities and services wiped out to be replaced by bitter fighting, guns and tanks.

Reflection 39

Creatures of habit
go with the flow
they do what they know;
Within the flock
comfort and security
inspire aspirations for longevity.

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