Poetry Wordplay Happiness and Endurance in Minsk, Belarus

Great greenYgreyliens, let’s get ready to ramble… Yes, that’s a play on the boxing ring introduction let’s get ready to rumble, and today’s episode of our X Files parody third and final fantasy ramble by Google Maps is full of wordplay poetry; perhaps the most lexical poetry ever, as far as I know anyway.

Minsk, Belarus Happiness Endurance Wordplay

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the greenYgrey and Countdown to the Full Moon, inspired by Countdown‘s super wordy Susie Dent.

Today’s episode dissects words to their individual letters, looking at how similar they are, for no practical reason in itself, but as a means to creating new poetry, and focusing on the higher question of how much happiness there is in endurance.

Of Wolves and Men
(Barry Lopez book, 1978, with recent 25th Anniversary Edition. Just a random acknowledgement, with no personal gain, apart from being an early work in this field.)

Wolves run all day to try and find food to survive, but they also exert energy in play. Humans used to live a similar way, but now have a more sedentary lifestyle, since farming replaced hunting and gathering.

So humans run and walk for fun, and perhaps to take the mind back to those more halcyon days, when life was more free and simple. And when they reach ‘the zone’ and ‘post-zone’ with feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin flowing, endurance does become happiness.

As a veggie werewolf, the greenYgrey mixes sedentary and active, and is doing more of the former in this episode, but is working its mind, which can be quite exhausting!

XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 5

Finding Happiness in Endurance

How much happiness
is there in endurance
there’s an A
as the second letter
of happiness
and sixth in endurance
an N is the sixth letter
of happiness
and second and seventh
of endurance
there’s an E as the seventh
letter of happiness
and first and ninth of endurance.

So my conclusion
is that there’s a little
bit of happiness
in a lot of endurance.

Minsk and Belarus

I felt like I’d been awake so long
although morning was still
showing signs of sunny dawn
as if our star was proposing south
I smiled, laughed, said I will.

I wondered how much happiness and endurance
I could see in Minsk and Belarus just by chance
thinking back to my moment of morning euphoria
and was there more of one or the other?

Minsk has an I and an S of happiness and an N of endurance
making me think there wasn’t an ounce of sense
in this hastily thought out lexical test
inspiring a decision not to go west.

Go east young werewolf
my mind told me
this Minsky city’s too happy
you’re looking for endurance
so try your test on Belarus.

Liking What You Relate With

Belarus has an E, A and S of happiness; and an E, A, U and R of endurance; so it has slightly more endurance than happiness, which according to my opening happiness-endurance conclusion is about the right balance, greenYgrey style.

I cross-referenced Wikipedia and Google Maps wondering if there was somewhere specific to see wolves and wildlife. I saw there was a healthy natural world in Belarus, although there was hunting and the Chernobyl disaster had happened just over the border in Ukraine. Ironically, wolves and wildlife were thriving in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, because of a lack of humanity.

My morning test had expressed endurance, so I thought we should head to Chernobyl. But first, I liked the sound of the Pripyatsky National Park for some reason; okay, it’s because it has a certain greenYgrey je ne sais quoi to it!

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.