X Files Return Desired by David Duchovny

In a story on MSN News via The Telegraph by Anita Singh, Arts and Entertainment Editor, David Duchovny, who played the Mulder part of our Scullymulder X Files parody investigator, says he wants to make more of the series.

Singh reported that:

David Duchovny says an X Files reunion with Gillian Anderson “is going to happen pretty soon”.

Speculation about a comeback for Agents Mulder and Scully has been swirling, and Duchovny confirmed that plans are under way.

The TV show ended 13 years ago. Asked if he was “done with The X-Files”, Duchovny said he felt quite the opposite.

“If you’d asked me this question 10 years ago, I would have said: yes, I’ve had enough.

“But at this point, it’s almost like going out on a greatest hits tour. It would be a lark. And I think it’s going to happen pretty soon,” he told The Observer.

Here’s scullymulder in great greenYgreying form:

The X Files

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Poetic Inspiration is Always In Your Mind

Following on from the last Apocalypse Now blog, we don’t blame the corporate publishers for not publishing us, because we are aiming more for the arty market anyway, and criticising the arty market connoisseurs as we go along too, making all but the most open to critical theory reluctant to buy our books.

Successful Alternative Books

But some books such as ours do become successful, and some of the most successful writers in Britain are critical of the establishment, but they usually make sure to only criticise the other side, and not theirs as well, so keeping one half of the book-buying public onside.

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Today’s episode of our X Files parody XaW Files is an unashamed ramble, and there are more to come, which together sum up why Quentin Tarwolftino felt the need to leave the greenYgrey world…

Chapter 3 Episode 8

We found Jack sitting on the edge of the Pripyat highway, writing away. I asked him how a werewolf such as he began to write; mostly just out of interest, but also to see if there was any correlation with my experiences, as Jack is also a werewolf, but not a greenYgrey one.

Jack Kerouac Inspiration

I always thought I could write, said Jack, but now that I have written I realise I couldn’t write that well then. I could think. I could think I could write, and I could think I could write like the writers I read.

That’s because I related to what they said, the way they viewed the world, maybe it’s a dreamer’s mind, or a bipolar mind, or a mad mind. I don’t know. But I now know it’s a different matter writing it down, describing sights and feelings so that others will understand them, painting a picture in a paragraph.

I think it’s like with any skill, trade or profession. You have some natural ability at the start, but to really get into the smooth flow at the heart of the art takes time; to feel on top of it, moving through the middle of it, and to keep on writing when you feel under it.

The World Outside Your Window

‘Is it natural for gnats to glow?’
Love wanted to know.

‘Sorry Love,’ I said,
‘I was miles away
in my history’…

Present Inspiration Built on the Past

A 100-feet long
40-feet high
70,000-lbs weight
jumbo jet
just flew
straight through
a raindrop
like a thread
through a needle head
on a window
I nearly wrote
my window
but it’s not
really mine
just rented…

I wish it was mine
and I could take it
because it has
Earth, horizon and sky
almost perfectly
divided down the middle
like a Folding Mirror poem
or me, myself, greenYgrey
but if I try too hard
to make it mine
will I create opaqueness
where there is now transparency
or even break it
in two or three
so that it won’t show me
there will be nothing
to show me anything
there will just be
naked cold reality
existing without distortion
no protection
no warmth
no raindrops
for the planes
to fly through
nowhere for them
to create tricks
of the mind
to inspire my thoughts
thinking what
they are doing
30,000-feet up
in the air
the sky I can see
from my front-seat
for the optical illusion
that made me think
and remember enough
to create this word stuff
skirting the mind’s terminator
as they fly the twilight zone
between night and day
crossing time zones
Are they just setting off
enjoying their breakfast
or are they landing
reluctantly opening
their eyes and…

I nearly wrote
their window
but it’s not
really theirs
just rented


Bringing the thoughts
back around to windows
mine and theirs
I’m telling you
in case you didn’t notice
skimming too quick
in an attention-deficit world
which we live in too
the ideal opportunity
to stop
and escape
this ramble…
after all…
they say
good communication
when to stop
when no more is needed
when more will break
the spel-ling!

Quentin Tarantino Inspired Character Travels to X Files Parody

Hi, it’s Quentin Tarwolftino, film and movie critic at the greenYgrey inspired by Quentin Tarantino. I’m just posting to let you know I’m leaving for the XaW Files, as the greenYgrey seems to be in a bit of a pickle. It reminded me of Apocalypse Now, as I say below.

Guardians of the Galaxy

While I think the greenYgrey has been influenced by Apocalypse Now for a long time, I have recently been inspired by Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy, although to tell you the truth, I haven’t got around to watching or reviewing it.

The original GotG pre-dates the greenYgrey by many moons, but the modern team was gathered in 2008, a few moons after the greenYgrey entered the human world.

Not only does GotG have a rather greenYgreyesque name, but it also has all the ingredients of great greenYgrey amongst its characters.

File Name : Guardians Of The Galaxy Wallpapers Movie

Groot starts it off with a Groo where we have a Gree, and is a greenygrey tree, Rocket raccoon provides the animal interest and Gamora is a green woman. Quill has writer connotations, while Drax is health and fitness.

I will try and draw on their example as I travel through the movie screen vortex, and into the XaW Files via Apocalypse Now:

Apocalypse Now

I sometimes feel like my mind has arrived at one of its possible destinations in life envisaged at an early age, created mostly from watching or reading fiction, documentaries and biographies. Apocalypse Now . The opening scene. Captain Willard’s crazed behaviour, apparent thoughts and movements, alone in a basic room.

It’s a type of mental place where writers and artists need to go, those that are searching for deepness anyway: Can I play with madness etc?, although I don’t think you need the physical damage Willard causes.

Willard’s craziness was only temporary though. Compared to Colonel Kurtz’s final permanent horror in the end scenes.

The trailer below has a YouTube age warning, so please don’t watch if you think you might not be old enough, or are easily offended and shocked.

Was the Kurtz character wrong though? Or simply a correct realist, grown too old and weary to fight depression and negativity, born out of experience and intelligence.

I don’t know for sure; I’m only sure no philosophical theory is sure, as Socrates is said to have thought that the wisest people are those who know they know little.

I think it really depends on your mind, outlook and experiences. If you want to know the truth about humanity and the world, there’s enough places to look, with extremes of positivity and negativity, peace and war.

I have looked for the truth about humanity, and the truth about me, in war and peace. In the end, I think the meaning of life is just living, life itself. There are examples of good and evil everywhere, and they just seem to evolve, mutating into different versions of themselves. Something good can create something bad, and vice-versa.

Is the truth about humanity any more apparent in a war zone than a peaceful hamlet? One day’s peaceful hamlet is tomorrow’s war zone. They are both sides of humanity, in line with greenYgrey theory.

Perhaps one way human civilisation can be summed up is: continuous change, with the possibility of sudden movement, hidden under the surface illusion of permanence.

Anyway, I’m off to the XaW Files now, flying in on one of the first posters Marc Latham bought when he started university twenty years ago…


Exorcising Apocalypse Now

My only
in your
is what
you know
of me
with you
so I am
you only
view me
and what
you learn
from other
who may
be reliable
or may
be scoundrel
are you
sure you
know which
or maybe
they are
maybe somebody
else or me
misled them
into misleading
by driving
and putting
their head
and when
it turns
full circle
and starts
all over
the walls
don’t look
to me
to exorcise
your demons.

British General Election 2015 Politics Satirical Comedy Special

With the British General Election 2015 race hotting up, the Conservatives are On The Road to a greenYgrey fantasy rambles politics satirical comedy theme with their first campaign poster:






The leaders of Britain’s two major parties, David Cameron of the Conservatives and Ed Miliband of Labour, have also made sure they’ve been seen with the greenYgrey brand:

2015-02-16 13.14.16

Ed Miliband


Screenshot (27)

David Cameron


X Files Parody Sky Art Pripyatsky Epic Poem

The X Files parody Europe/Eurasia fantasy ramble by Google Maps is trying to mix artistic poetry with a prose theme, bringing together the best elements of the first two fantasy rambles in North America and Australia.

X Files Parody Introduction

Today we’ve got an epic rambling poem that would be more suited to our Jack Kerouac Jack Wolfpac introducing, but he is of course now starring in our XaW Files, including this very episode below.

And this episode is very much influenced by the 1950s/1960s counter-culture, although they were inspired by previous works of art too of course, in a stream of thought trickling back through the ages to the earliest art and writing, and including the inspiration for our very own William Werewolfsworth,  the Romantic William Wordsworth.

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fantasy literature correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Pripyatsky Chernobyl Sky Art Poem

Chapter 3 Episode 7

Writing is like waiting for a train
at a station you’ve been before
one with many platforms
and a timetable
but the trains
don’t always run to time
or from the planned platform
and sometimes don’t go
where you originally wanted
but you enjoy the journey
wherever it takes you
knowing the journey
is more important
than the destination
and that it is vital
to try and absorb
learn and remember
what you experienced.

Sometimes I don’t have to read.
The ideas are already inside my head.
Today I read.
Then the idea fell from my head.
The idea that sometimes
I have ideas
and sometimes I don’t
when I sit down to write…
‘what was the point of you writing this?’
you would be forgiven for thinking
and I don’t know if I can completely justify it
but if you had thought the words four lines above
then at least it has inspired movement
in your mind maps
the way reading about Chernobyl
did in mine this morning
and especially how it emptied its closest city
a city I already completely knew… by name
for its name made up the first two syllables
of the beautiful natural reserve
I had chosen to visit
and take my travelling companions
Love and Jack
only the sky was missing
in Pripyat city from Pripyatsky
quite ironic in a completely horrific way…

that now the streets were empty
because of what was carried
through the sky
that now the shops were empty
because of what was carried
through the sky
that now the sportsgrounds were empty
because of what was carried
through the sky
but natural life was fighting back
and one day Pripyat city will hopefully
be as healthy as Pripyatsky.

I felt like I had hardly started
my journey to Pripyatsky
but I was already there
I had always been there
I am everywhere
the good and the bad
the happy and the sad
for when it comes down to it
I am life on Earth
what can be seen
in negativity as in positivity
why sad gives way to happy
green and grey the majority view
but I lacked alacricity
cheerful readiness
to love me and you…

and I’m not referring
to the Love now travelling
with us three 2GY
and Jack makes two
or four if you count us as three
it’s entirely up to you…

until my Y flowered
like sun sparkling through
grass misted by morning dew.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

No Love for Valentine

It’s feeling sad in the greenYgrey world today, as it’s the first Valentine’s Day we’ve spent without Love the mixed-up Vole, after we created it last Valentine’s Day. So it’s also Love’s first birthday today.

So we think Whitesnake’s Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City is an appropriate song for this Valentine’s Day in the greenYgrey world: