Prose Poetry Comedy On The Road Minsk, Belarus


Great greenYgreyliens, are you ready to ramble? I said, ARE YOU READY TO RAMBLE?

To replicate
is not to create.
To create
out of replication
is creation.

Did readers in the U.K. notice it was snowing yesterday, and now there’s only half a moon?

Great Philosophy News

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical comedy fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey, inspired by legendary Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Great news from Hungary, where our philosophy correspondent Mary Werewolfstonecraft has joined the travelling trio for Chapter 4.

It seems from the two XaW Files we’ve received that Mary is already inspiring some philosophical thoughts, as Jack Wolfpac inspired some travelling narratives when he joined greenYgrey and Love the mixed-up Vole for Chapter 3.

It seems a trend that was unintended, or at least unknown, at the start of the XaW Files, although there was always a feeling that some of us would join the greenYgrey somewhere on its ramble.

This episode sees the travelling trio as they were then still on the edge of Minsk, Belarus, and combines a lot of prose poetry with a little gentle comedy, which could be inspired by a lifetime-worth of sitcoms and a little Belarus research?

Chapter 3 Episode 4

I didn’t plan to write this time
sleep soothed mind sublime
couple of steaming coffees
before sun lightened skies
piloting skydiving capsules
sparkling like solar systems’
extreme outsider planets
rocks, meteors and comets.

I could see it was green
behind the iron curtain
when I grew up thinking grey
the way I remember it displayed.

1980s warning nuclear winter
with the Cold War creating fear
not to say there weren’t social snags
too many secret police and gulags.

In the West we had illusions of freedom
but were they just shading serfdom
destroying our land and nature
to line the pockets of our betters?

Branching Out in Belarus

Mustering half-asleep in early dawn’s twilight dark
finding out our location in Lyeninski Rayon park
Chyzhowskae Reservoir looked just like a lake
asked a friendly local where to make a break
‘for somewhere else
another country
it is up to you,’ he interrupted,
‘but there are many places
in Minsk and Belarus to see,
and you’ve already done the first,
talking to one of the hospitable people like me,
followed by fantastic architecture from 12-17th centuries
then there’s the cuisine I don’t think you’ve seen
I guess you’ll be interested in lovely nature and wildlife
and fifth and finally our country caters for adventure sports.’

I thanked him, and he continued on his journey.

Jack said he hadn’t realised there was so much to do in Belarus; Love said it sounded a lovely place, and what a pity it was that we had so little time, what with our travel quest to find ol’ Wolfhol our Andy Warhol taking precedence.

I agreed with them, before adding that although I was as grateful as them for all the great and kind information, I had only been about to ask if he recommended doing something quickly in Minsk before a chapter break! I guess he did that for me!!


The friendly old man’s advice inspired by Five Reasons to Visit Belarus: