New Theme and Look… Looks to be Working…

The greenygrey looks to have upgraded to the 2015 theme successfully after a week of work and techy tribulations, and a morning of trial and error.

I think that disconnecting from the account did the trick, which was down to mental work rather than magic. The problem was probably our techy turmoil rather than the WordPress system, and thanks again to WordPress for providing a free blogging service.

All apologies to any great greenYgreyliens for any disruption and problems this week, and some apologies to any nice and good passers-by that have returned despite any time wasted.

Hopefully the blog is sorted now for a big year of greenYgreying, with our third and final fantasy ramble hopefully wrapped up and even published by mid-winter Christmas.

Thanks for your patience, and have a nice day… hopefully the next XaW File will be posted tomorrow…