New XaW Files Mystery Inspires Fresh Departure

In the latest XaW File we received, it seems as if the travelling trio are nearing the end of Chapter 3 in the X Files parody, and are due to visit Slovakia before a thrilling denouement to the Central Europe section.

I’m delighted to report that I’m heading out to the Czech Republic tonight, to try and catch greenYgrey, Love the mixed-up Vole and Jack Wolfpac before they leave Slovakia, as I may have researched an important lead on our search for Andy Wolfhol.

XaW Files Philosophy

Hi, it’s Mary Werewolfstonecraft, philosophy correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by original liberal feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.

Just after reading that the travelling trio are on their way to Slovakia I read in Isabel Kuhl’s book on Andy Warhol that Warhol’s ancestral home is in Mikova, Slovakia.

I also read in the book that Warhol’s nickname was Drella, a cross between Dracula and Cinderella, which is quite greenYgreyish.