Where the Fascist Feminists and Niqab Nazis Meet: Liberal Anti-Liberals

Apparently The Sun Page 3 saga was all a publicity stunt, and did the trick getting in all the media, including on last night’s Question Time and This Week political debate shows. As well as publicising The Sun it also inspired many ‘modern liberal feminists’ to speak up, after they had been silent about more serious ‘minority culture in the U.K.’ sexism, like George Galloway’s attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo Racist Pornography?

I saw video of a speech made by ‘Gorgeous ‘ George Galloway recently, where he called Charlie Hebdo racist pornographers.

I suppose he was talking about their cartoon satirising the 72 virgins promised in the Islamic heaven. Islam is a religion, not a race, and Charlie Hebdo’s satirical image probably suggests that the pornographic sexual reward used to entice people to their deaths in the Islamic book is just a propaganda tool.

Female nudity and images of the ‘Prophet’ were in fact common in ancient Islamic Art.

‘Gorgeous ‘ George’s best T.V. career moment was probably when he indulged in some soft-porn purring with Rula Lenska on Celebrity Big Brother!

Or maybe it was his masochistic grovelling to Saddam Hussein and other Arab leaders that he later opposed after changing sides in the Arab Spring!?

George Galloway’s Hypocrisy

Gorgeous George also accused Charlie Hebdo of satirising the weak instead of the powerful, claiming that Muslims are the ones suffering the most at the moment.

Well, the fact that thousands of indigenous girls have been groomed by Muslims over the last twenty years, bought with false compliments and cheap gifts, suggests that it is the demographic that Galloway has deserted that is the weakest and most vulnerable at the moment.

I haven’t heard Galloway mentioning the child-grooming cases, or the other gender crimes committed by the religion he has chosen to follow, with plenty of financial and sexual rewards I’m sure.

Charlie Hebdo were not satirising poor Muslims anyway, they were satirising the bullying hypocrites waging Jihadi war against the world, resulting in mass murder, rape and fascist removal of personal freedoms.

Freedoms he’s been enjoying as a Muslim man.

I didn’t know about Galloway’s personal life when I first called him a snake-oil salesman, but wasn’t surprised to see that he’s had four wives, including one with one of his researchers.

Liberal Elite Feminist Hypocrisy

That reminded me of the ICS’s ‘Jihad Jane’, who was a feminist when it suited her, and as a student researcher slept with the Heads of Department when it suited her.

None of the other Liberal Elite feminists seemed to think there was anything wrong with that!

Under the Multicultural Fascism of the last twenty years in the U.K. these Liberal Elite feminists only seem to care about attacking white men and Western society, trying to make them into model metrosexuals, while ignoring and even supporting the much more sexist and homophobic cultures, such as Islam.

To them, and George Galloway, the beauty of the semi-naked female body in capitalist publications is a more important issue than mass child-grooming, female genital mutilation and forced marriages in minority cultures.

And they not only dislike/hate the men who produce and buy the publications, but also the female models who try to make a comfortable living, often having come from difficult and poor backgrounds… classism basically… and sometimes jealousy… and why they support Islam so much… because they’re not that different from the rich matriarchal Muslim women who want to cover up their poorer rivals, and make it into a contest of clothes and jewellery instead of natural beauty…

… and I think that is why the child-grooming went on for so long unchallenged… because the liberal elite care more about what’s on show in the ‘Western media’ than they do behind closed doors in academic institutions and minority cultures.