X Files Rumoured to Return in Mysterious XaW Files Development

The truth is out there… but it hasn’t formed completely. The opening strapline belongs to the X Files series, our latest fantasy ramble parody inspiration, which ended in the 1990s. Or so we thought, because a third of the way through our X Files parody Seamus Duff reported in yesterday’s Metro newspaper that talks are under way with the original Scullymulder to bring it back for a new series:

‘The X-Files is set for a dramatic comeback as TV bosses scramble to bring back classic cult shows.
The series that established David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as household names is next in line for a small-screen return similar to last year’s resurrection of 24.
Optimism is high among TV insiders who say Anderson, Duchovny and series creator Chris Carter all want to be involved.’

Problems with Parody

am8.19: the modern Andy Warhol POP movement: sensational smouldering Pinky Orange Purple. The early bird catches the peaceful sunrise. Late risers may see only battleship grey… with relevance to XaW3:18.

Sorry about that, just got distracted by a little bit of beauty, that is available to all twice a day, sky willing, and that has relevance to the latest XaW File we received, which is quite a long way down the line for posting here, as we’ve been sidetracked by events in the human world.

44 x 2 Another Coincidence 4U

Talking of The Sun and events in the human world, there was a big coincidence on the breakfast news this morning, with the tragic death of Anne Kirkbride, who’d played Deirdre Barlow in Coronation Street for 44 years, and the ending of The Sun Page 3 topless women after 44 years.

If Sun-owner Rupert Murdoch was a proselytising preacher he could claim a connection, as many religious leaders have connected natural disasters with God‘s wrath over the centuries, and still today.

As Marc Latham wrote nearly five years ago in an article for Matador, natural disasters have been used by religions to cower their people, and those they want to convert, for centuries: with natural disasters either rewards or punishments to their own people or the enemy:

  1. A natural disaster on your own people is a punishment for not being religious enough in support of their ‘god’ or ‘gods’.
  2. A natural disaster on other people is a punishment for them not believing in their ‘god’ or ‘gods’, and is a reward from their ‘god’ or ‘gods’.

While Anne Kirkbride never appeared on Page 3, she did often appear in The Sun and other Rupert Murdoch publications, and her passing is front page news today.

Although Anne Kirkbride’s passing away was apparently quite quick, and at 60 she was quite below today’s expected lifespan, there was nothing unusual about it, and it almost certainly had no connection to Rupert Murdoch or Page 3…

but a connection could be made, which is what religious leaders and snake-oil salesmen have been doing down the ages

What This Blog Isn’t

In line with our new policy of trying to make clear what we meant and didn’t mean, this blog post wasn’t about sexy women and Page 3 for those looking for that angle.

We’re not angry about Page 3 disappearing. We haven’t bought a tabloid, except to get a bargain offer, for years.

Nothing Personal: What This Blog Was

This blog was about showing how religious persuasion can be created out of seemingly unrelated events.

While religion was becoming benign in Britain and Europe until the 1990s, a combination of high immigration and multiculturalism has raised religion to the top of the agenda again, with the recent tragedy in Paris the latest example of growing religious intolerance.

Britain and Europe aren’t the only ones suffering of course, with the problem worldwide, and with some contribution to the problem by British and European leaders.

It is a trend Marc Latham noticed fifteen years ago, but he was hindered in his warnings by academics and students more interested in their high-paying careers, and relative ignorance of both human nature and current/international affairs… those who weren’t studying current/international affairs anyway.

Not that he thinks he knows more than anybody about them, and now his knowledge is mostly secondary. But at the time, having studied History and Communications Studies for ten years, and just undertaken his own research, he was an expert.

But in class and image obsessed Britain, a ‘chav’ Dr. expert wasn’t considered the equal of an undergraduate student with a posh accent, or an international one at a time of internationalism-obsession, and especially if he didn’t agree with the majority mainstream hegemony at the time… even if those he disagreed with only knew world affairs from watching the odd headline news programme… or now avoiding mainstream media altogether and just listening to cult leaders like Russell Brand… or people pretending to be your friends on social media!

We advise you find out the biases of the mainstream media outlets, which are usually quite obvious and well-documented (like by Marc Latham in his thesis/book), and then filter the news through your gatekeeping knowledge, and then you can get a fairly accurate picture of the news.

In Line with greenYgrey Theory

We think good investigative journalism is vital to society, and value the positives that Rupert Murdoch’s media publications bring to Britain.

We also think there have been a lot of negatives, epitomised by the phone-hacking scandals.

The same was true of Page 3, which helped make some women financially secure or even stars, when they might have struggled otherwise. For men: it made a lot of men fans of women, and appreciate them more, but might also have stereotyped them more.

Ending in Entropy

While we believe in treating everybody with equality, if we have any bias, it is in supporting beautiful women (in line with the stereotype model) a little more. While we view this as being pro-women, some women who believe men should think in line with the way they think about women, do not view it that way.

To them I would ask:

Is a lesbian feminist who likes the female body more moral than a male feminist who likes the female body ?
Is a female feminist more worthy or self-sacrificing than a male feminist?

To end our thoughts on a crass note, wrecking all the serious debate and points above, but hopefully showing that we’re not being hypocritical about the above discussion; and hopefully to anger any hypocritical campaigners opposing women models for all the wrong reasons, like some hypocritical religious leaders; we think women covered up in lingerie, and even stylish outer garments, can look even sexier than topless and nude women!

Personal Respects to Anne Kirkbride

I used Anne Kirkbride in her role as Deirdre for thirty years, and this is probably the last time I’ll use her. I feel justified in doing this because she was an actress/celebrity in the public eye, and was paid well for her work.

For the same reason, I don’t mind you using me, although at the moment I’m not well paid for this, or rewarded in any way, apart from having the satisfaction of having my say, and releasing my thoughts in a worthwhile way, and hopefully to some nice people!

I probably stopped avidly watching soap operas at about the same time I stopped buying tabloids, when academic studies took precedence about 15 years ago.

I wouldn’t have mentioned her passing if I hadn’t noticed that coincidence, but liked her acting and all the drama she created in her role as Deirdre.

She seems to have lived a good hard-working exemplary life, like her Corrie character.