The Queen’s Birthday: God Save the Queen

Regular readers might have noticed us calling the Duchess of Cambridge: Princess Kate the Great. Traditional thinkers might have thought we were writing of her in her official role within the British royal family. Lateral thinkers might have thought we were writing of her within an unofficial, and even satirical, role.

Windsor  and Kate Dynasties

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, satirical comedy and history correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary comedian and historian Tony Robinson.

While the Windsor Dynasty is in power in Britain, and Princess Kate became a member by marrying the charming gentleman Prince William,  but is not in line to the throne anywhere above Miss Zenouska Mowatt in 51st place, in  greenYgrey Britain Princess Kate the Great is next in line to…. Queen Kate Moss.

And here’s Kate in great greenYgreying regal form:

As the cover line indicated, Kate Moss gave Vogue an exclusive look into her wedding to Jamie Hince. Photos and details of her nuptials were included in the spread in the September 2011 issue.

Kate Moss Birthday

And it’s Kate Moss’s 41st birthday this weekend according to MSN News, so we’d like to wish her a happy birthday, and we hope she, her family and friends, and charming gentleman Jamie Hince have a lovely time celebrating.

We hope Royalists will accept what we think is a nice gentle satire, with no mention of S*x, or even Pistols, as you might have thought from the blog headline.

And yes, we did make a point of including Kate Moss’s partner in our best wishes, to hopefully stop the Negatives accusing us of trying to steal her away from him!

And yes, the above is an example of explaining our humour and satire more for the uneducated and/or unintelligent!!

But now you can accuse of arrogance!!!

Explaining Meaning

So I’ll just add that I looked up lateral thinking to make sure it meant what I thought, which it did, but I wasn’t 100% sure, so in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire parlez (which I also looked up, after first spelling it parlay, which means something completely different, before realising totally off my own bat (an idiom I also just looked up to make sure it was what I thought) that it must be the French word for speaking, which was one of the first international words I learnt: Parlez vous Anglais etc.) I phoned a friend, which is what the www is to us at those kind of times.

But now the Negatives will say that I’m not really a writer if I don’t know all those words and have to check them up, and shouldn’t even be a Doctor of Philosophy.

I never claimed to be an English language expert though, just a good ol’ self-proclaimed (creative) genius, inspired towards spontaneous writing like the above by the more original and therefore better creative genius of Jack Kerouac.

This was supposed to be a quick and simple blog post about good ol’ greenYgrey Britain Queen Kate (playing on good ol’ Queen Bess [Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603)], who was the first Queen Elizabeth, and the current one is only the second about 400 years later, and they’ve both been pretty great!)!