Where Now Charlie Hebdo? The World, Freedom and Satire

What is the Point of Satire Charlie Hebdo?

In light of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, and the discussions I’ve heard since, such as on the Big Questions yesterday, we’ve decided to change our policy, and have more explanation of what we post, as it seems there’s not much knowledge about satire or current affairs amongst many in the general British public.

Most people don’t care about such things, and that’s their choice; there’s a wisdom to avoiding such things, as it can be depressing. The biggest danger is those who take a little interest, and take that little interest from somebody like Russell Brand; taking his advice/propaganda to avoid all the mainstream media and politicians.

Charlie Hebdo Origins and Ethos

I didn’t know about Charlie Hebdo before the shootings, but think it and the greenYgrey share our origins in the 1950s and 1960s left-wing counter-culture, try to criticise and satirise all sides, and even derive our logo ethos from similar origins: Charlie Hebdo from Charlie Brown cartoons, with Scooby Doo a big inspiration for us.

Difference Between Charlie Hebdo and Russell Brand

A Muslim participant in the Big Questions yesterday accused Charlie Hebdo of being right-wing, and that is the kind of attitude current amongst the ‘new left-wing’ like Russell Brand, who base their ideology on pro-Islamism and pro-colour, and anti-Jewishness and anti-whiteism: even if they are ‘white’ themselves!

While Charlie Hebdo tried to criticise all sides, the ‘new-left’ supports Islam, and blames everything on the big bad ‘white west’, led by Israel and the U.S.A., followed by the U.K., France and Europe.

When I was at university, they only boycotted Israel, even though there were many Arab states with terrible human rights records, and institutional prejudice against women and minorities.

The Mexican government was supposed to be complicit in the murder of forty-three students last year, but I haven’t heard of any academic boycott?

Anti-White and Anti-Jewish Racism Missed by Multiculturalism

During the New Labour years in the U.K. all the emphasis seemed on  multiculturalism: but the only ‘culture’ that really tried to use it to gain power was hard-line Islam.

That’s multiculturalism as an ideology. Britain has always been multicultural, and mostly very successfully, with foods, carnivals and business ideas providing new and exciting facets to British culture.

However, Blair, Brown and Campbell led New Labour had ‘multiculturalism’ as one of its key messages, and has admitted trying to change the face of Britain during their government.

Since New Labour lost power, the Islamic power-grab inside Britain has become apparent, with evidence of:

  1. taking over public schools in Birmingham to teach strict Islamism
  2. the child-grooming gangs being overwhelmingly Islamic
  3. hate-preachers being allowed to freely groom recruits, resulting in terrorist acts

The flip side of multiculturalism and the emphasis on attacking white racism was anti-white racism becoming fashionable, such as in the Chav stereotyping.

The Persecution of Poor Marc Latham

Coming from a working-class white background, and having a big nose, the greenYgrey’s originator Marc Latham was able to experience all this prejudice at university 2000-2005, and without having any real defence, because anti-white/British/Jew prejudice was seen as positive by liberal elite Multicultural Fascists, who always see non-whites and immigrants as the victims and never the prejudiced perpetrators.

Did the ICS 2000-2005 give all the work to students who fitted into the Islamo-Multicultural Fascist model to keep Marc poor, and make him look more Jewish in line with the Nazi trope, or was it just because they made more money from foreign students, and it looked good to put them before the British?

It was quite ironic for Marc seeing Nigel Farage and Russell Brand arguing about who had more poor street-cred on Question Time last year.

That’s because Marc Latham:

  1. grew up in a damp one-parent family council flat, causing him to suffer asthma
  2. worked four years manual labour to save money for travelling
  3. travelled the world on a shoestring in his twenties, including sleeping rough
  4. was a poor student in his thirties
  5. is a poor Dr. writer doing an ordinary day-job in his forties

Marc Latham’s Left-Wing Socialist Background

If Marc Latham hadn’t experienced the cultural changes in Britain under New Labour he would still be a political red rather than the greenYgrey he is.

His PhD thesis is full of left-wing and socialist theories and ideas. His ambition at the start of his PhD was to be the next Noam Chomsky, which ironically seems to be where Russell Brand is now!

As well as seeing the bias and limits of Chomsky during his studies, Marc saw how Britain and the world was changing, with the old Western left being taken over by Islamism and race. Moreover, poor British whites who didn’t support the de-whitening of world power were the enemy.

He thought that under the New Labour Multicultural Fascism ideology, the liberal-elite would have more sympathy for the Prince of Brunei than a white orphan child – which is why they probably ignored the child-grooming for twenty years.

Islamo-Fascism in University

There is nothing left-wing and liberal about Islamism, yet they are supported by a lot of western left-wing liberals.

They get support by using a lot of the Nazi propaganda tropes from the 1930s: that whites epitomised by Jews only care about money, and that they control the world through racism.

The fact that Arab states are generally some of the richest, most prejudiced (against women etc) and least environmentally-friendly or humanly-ethical (to foreign workers etc), and that they were enslaving Africa a long time before Europeans; as well as Europeans in the white-slave trade, is left out of their dialogue.

While Yazidi women tried to kill themselves rather than become sex-slaves, some white British and European girls brainwashed by Multicultural and Islamist Fascism before being groomed on the ground end up volunteering for the new slave market, and even fighting against those who try to protect them.

Of course, they are brainwashed into thinking those trying to protect them are just racist, and those who defend rape by their kind just play into the hands of the child-grooming gangs.

Islamism and Race

Last year in Britain it became apparent that thousands of children had been groomed by gangs over the previous twenty years, which coincided with the New Labour government, which traditionally supports the working-class.

Most of those children were poor and white, while most of the perpetrators were relatively rich and non-white; and mostly Muslim.

The only ones to protest en masse about this were called ‘right-wing’ by the liberal media.

Young children, mostly from poor backgrounds, or parentless in children’s homes, and the only ones who ‘care’ about them are labelled ‘right-wing’ by the liberal media! What has Britain become?

The ‘liberal-elite’ protestors, who see themselves as ‘left-wing’, but are really based on Islamo-Race, only protested in large numbers in support of and opposition to:

  1. support of Hamas in the Arab-Israel war
  2. opposition to ‘Racist police in the U.S.A.’ after a small, but tragic, number of cases in a country unfortunately ravaged by gun crime

That was in a year when British police were shown to have avoided taking action in the 1000s of mostly-racist-against-whites grooming cases because they were scared to look ‘racist’.

British Liberal Media Trying to Blame France – Still Multicultural Fascist

Over the last couple of days I’ve seen interviewers from the same British channel that hid prolific paedophiles for decades, but that generally does a good job in its broadcasting and news coverage, asking the French ambassador about conditions for immigrants in France, as if looking for a white-racism reason for  the Paris shootings.

I remember interviewers from the same channel accusing Norwegian politicians that Norway was too white after the Breivik tragedy, which was inspired by Al-Quaeda as much as it was in opposition to it.

It is as if they think Britain, and Londonistan in particular, is doing well, and is a good advert for ‘multiculturalism’. The way it has been going for the last twenty years it looks a bad example to me, but I am just a working-class white man… who looks a bit Jewish in line with Nazi propaganda, where big noses are symbolic of Jewishness… maybe Yasser Arafat was a secret Jew?

The British channel seems so fundamentalist in its ideology that it cannot see a limit to its vision, or turn back or around, like a group example of Marc Latham’s Bridge on the River Kwai syndrome.

Britain’s Biggest Problem is in the Universities

While Marc Latham found the 21st century British universities an uncomfortable environment for either a ‘desperate chav’ or a ‘greedy Jew’, he thinks there is ironically less social disharmony and prejudice amongst the working-class areas of the city he lives in.

He saw on the news this morning that the government is bringing in new anti-extremism legislation to universities, and that this is being opposed by some university staff.

Marc Latham’s study called for more breadth and criticism in British society, while criticising Britain’s colonial past in line within his then socialist beliefs, although during his study he moderated from the Marxist socialist model to the Gramscian hegemonic model.

He believes that Islamic extremists are trying to use universities to take over the country and West, as they have been shown to do in schools, and the streets of Britain, and for that reason this new anti-extremism legislation is necessary and welcome.

Charlie Hebdo Hypocrisy?

The Islamists might consider this hypocrisy: that we’re calling for freedom of speech and expression with one hand while denying it with another.

The difference is that the greenYgrey, like the British media, Charlie Hebdo and liberal-democratic model, tries to balance our output; unlike the Islamo-fascists, who try and spread nasty Nazi-style Big Lie propaganda to provoke violent slaughter like seen in Paris last week.

The Future for Britain and the West 

I don’t want to support a West that destroys the environment, kills off the remaining animals, and exploits the world’s poor, as depicted in stereotypical counter-culture arguments.

While the British liberal media worry about disenfranchised non-whites who commit Nazi-style slaughter in Paris, I am left with the option of whether I want to support a country I grew up in, and that has disappointed me for most of my political life – with the rich-poor gap widening even through the New Labour years, and upper-class paedophiles preying on poor children replaced by revelations about old liberal media heroes and immigrant cultures whose ‘perfect man prophet’ had a six-year old bride.

When Muslims try and cry racism or Islamophobia at any criticism, the facts about their religion, its origin, history and current state should be enough to justify the criticism.

If the facts were more prominent in the British media, and not generally silenced by rich academics and ambitious politicians – Diane Abbot admitted on last week’s This Week show that she was coerced into criticising Rushdie’s Satanic Verses book by threats that Tower Hamlets Muslims would not support her any more otherwise, meaning she would never be elected again.

A prime example of Islamofascism at work.

The West is The Best… in Some Ways

I support the West because I’m trying to create a better West, like I heard said at the Paris demo yesterday, and don’t think the current West is any worse than the other alternatives at the moment. I think Charlie Hebdo was doing the same.

As far as I can see, Islamic states have a worse record on freedom, liberty, democracy, equality, torture, capital and corporal punishment, the environment, animal welfare and hypocrisy than Western states.

That is why I now support the West in the world, and think the ‘left-wing’ should: not because I think the ‘West’ is perfect, or even improving, but because I don’t think the alternatives are any better.

A part of me, which was bigger when I wanted to be the next Chomsky, would like to have more say than this blog, to be interviewed and published like Russell Brand, not to mention have his wealth and fame, but I accept my place in society, while trying to do all I can within the legal framework of the country.

I hope the positive side to my ethos, position and relative poverty should make my words more effective than those who receive big money and celebrity rewards for their books and/or jobs, but does the average materialistic Westerner obsessed by celebrity and image really care?


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