Je Suis Charlie: Islam is Waco Hidden in History

Jumping on the social media bandwagon, satirically speaking, Je Suis Charlie for today, but hopefully you’ll agree it’s a social media bandwagon we deserve a place on, although we think a lot of you won’t understand why, as you have never understood us.

Many of You Shouldn’t Read This, Satirically Speaking

And for most of you it’s not your fault, as Charlie Hebdo was published for a small well-educated paying circulation. This blog being free means it is read by lots of people who don’t share or get the same sense of humour, or appreciate free speech and expression even when it is being supportive of them!

In Britain it is also an island in a media dominated by twenty years of multicultural fascism, where religious and cultural sensitivity was put before the safety of British children; another generation of suffering British children, like those who suffered under the hands of the British upper classes in previous decades and centuries.

If the dominant British and European media culture didn’t pander and pussyfoot around Islam, and all organised religion, there would be no need for controversial satirical publications like Charlie Hebdo; or its more conservative cousin Private Eye in the U.K.

The Truth is Under Attack

The truth should be enough: the truth in history about Islam’s origins, and the truth that science now tells us about humanity’s place in the universe.

Islam and monotheistic religion in general should be put in context, rather than being talked about like it is special and real.

If peaceful Islamic leaders really aren’t trying to take over the West, maybe they could take a step back, rather than speaking small while trying to build mosques everywhere, and get halal food into everything.

We accept that a lot of Muslims are nice and peaceful, and ironically they are the biggest victims of Islamism. Muslims have been persecuted by other religions too.

That doesn’t alter the fact that Islam is the only religion at war with all other religions around the world, as well as supporting the worst human rights abuses in the world today, especially against women and minorities.

Middle-East Monotheism is Myth and Philosophy

The Middle-Eastern monotheistic religions are no different or better than the old Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse, which are now called Myths; or the Greek, which are now called philosophy.

Islam’s origins are similar to the American Waco cult, and its prophet had a similar personal life to David Koresh: the American leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet, according to Wikipedia.

While Koresh had a similar sacrificial death to Jesus Christ, the Islamic prophet had a normal peaceful mortal death at an average age, after enjoying the profits of military success, like Henry VIII in Britain.

Maybe they were all prophets, and maybe none were; and the same goes for all the other cult leaders.

We know a lot more now than any of them did then.

Well-Educated British People Still Desire Cult Leaders

It’s not difficult seeing how cults start and grow, watching ‘well-educated British students’ drift from Nick Clegg to George Galloway and Russell Brand: from one snake-oil salesman to the next, never learning their lesson, or desire for the perfect cult leader.

And while they call for ‘the truth’ with one hand, they support the suppression of ‘the truth’ about organised religions they relate with and support on the other; especially one that markets itself as the victim of the big bad ‘white West’ to them.

Were (sic) not saying we were any different, also looking for perfect heroes when young. We have grown out of it in adulthood.

The British and European liberal elite seem to have been blinded by their ‘colour bias’. If white racists had been acting like Islamists over the last twenty years, they would have been up in arms, but instead they have been silent, or even supportive.

Yesterday was a good day for Russell Brand’s Revolution, and hence his book’s wealthy corporate publishers.

Charlie Hebdo stayed true to its ethics, Russell Brand stays true to his ego; I could say maybe that’s the difference between a country that had a proper historic revolution and one that didn’t, but that would be a sloppy generalisation worthy of Brand!

And here’s our books were (sic again) trying to sell, because were (and again – it’s becoming a famous Status Quo song) a small independent satirical publication like Charlie Hebdo, and not a messianic cult leader wannabe like Britain’s Koresh Brand:

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.