Mirror Poems Book Reflection Celebrates Nature’s Independent Freedom

Charlie Hebdo is our more famous and controversial satirical comedy cousin. Wounded but hopefully still alive. Unknown to us before today, although I think I  remember previous attacks on it. It is another attack on the best of European culture; brave, clever, free, liberal and secular; but it was ironically carried out by murderers supported by many in the British and European liberal elite.

Is Britain and Europe Worth Preserving?

Do I think Britain and European freedom is worth preserving? Not if it means cowering to Islamist Fascism, while keeping the wealthy liberal elite in their cowardly and hypocritical snobbery and wealth.

Hopefully this attack on real martyrs; martyrs who didn’t carry weapons or die thinking they would be going straight to a supernatural world; the most deadly of several in France in the last month, will awaken Britain and Europe up to the very real threat to all of Europe, with an already high Islamic population being added to every day by refugees from all the Islamic wars in the Middle-East, Asia and Africa.

Mirror Poem Reflections

The next poem and reflection from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections is a somewhat fitting tribute, although it was written about the natural life cycle, which has been developing for billions of years on Earth, and not the few thousand dictated by Middle-East monotheism:

Sacrifice and Celebration

cherry blossom
flower flotsam
wind’s caress
trees undress
flying free
spring confetti

independent, resplendent

earth decoration
feeling liberation
underneath ume
picnic hanami
ephemeral time
sakura rhyme

Reflection 37

Life is finite
time immemorial
we see changes
we feel differences
we are alive.

Our age flows
without interruption
we commemorate passing
we welcome return
we accept time.

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