Contemplative Poems Show Travel Quest Writing Progress Over Time


Greetings great greenYgreyliens and ordinary others. It’s time for another self-satirical introduction to probably the best comedy fantasy poetry and prose Europe travel to an X Files parody theme book in progress this side of the human world.

X Files Parody Comedy Poetry

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, completely complete satirical comedy prose and poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling, and in the absence of our Jack Wolfpac, who is now on the XaW Files journey with greenYgrey and Love the mixed-up Vole, inspired by legendary travel writer and poet Jack Kerouac.

This episode sees greenYgrey reflecting on its arrival in Minsk, Belarus with a letter seemingly from Andy Wolfhol, our Andy Warhol, the object of this epic tale’s travel quest, whom the travel questers seem to have missed by falling asleep on a long journey taking them through Vilnius, Lithuania.

Writing a Long Way from Nunavut

As the recent Snow Wolf Family and Me documentary-inspired return to the greenYgrey’s first journey across North America told in a Canadian Territories tale showed me, I think we’ve come a long way in our virtual travelling and prose writing.

When the greenYgrey set out on what it thought would be a trilogy, it hoped that its writing would mirror the careers of the rock bands that helped inspire its love of words through their lyrics, with a raw first album followed by a maturing progression in the middle and a classic golden phase at the end.

Thematic Travel Writing

Classic writing often seems to dwell on the miniature, like science is now learning to do, examining details that have often remained unnoticed, or finding new angles to themes already well trodden.

The best travel writing is supposed to examine the hidden avenues rather than the main tourist sites, and is now more about social issues than scenic.

Pressures of Slow Travel Writing

I think the greenYgrey seems to be getting there on this its last fantasy ramble, and I think its examination of a letter bearing the satirically unique aW signature over two poems in this episode is evidence of this.

Taking the mind to infinitely small places can be precious, but also create pressures, and I hope it doesn’t buckle under the travel quest turmoil… or turn arsytistic while trying to be artistic, satirically speaking!

At least it has Love and Wolfpac to share the searching… and Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno still on the continent, holding the Holocene fort in lovely Latvia… and you greenYgreyliens avidly reading its posts… as it has read and watched serialisations through television and cinema, comics and books, all its time in the human world…

Chapter 3 Episode 2

Minsk, Belarus

As Love seemed now at ease with Minsk’s name lettering and no minks links, we set about exploring Belarus’s capital city. We were of course disappointed to have slept through apparently meeting our Andy Warhol, with ol’ Wolfhol’s message having his unmistakable aW signature, which seems absolutely impossible to forge.

It was great to think he was alive and well, although we didn’t know for sure, as he could have been forced to sign the message.

That thought made me look at the letter closer, and I thought I could see something hidden inside. I rubbed it, feeling some roughness and contours, like the gyri crevices and sulci ridges of the human brain. An envelope dropped to the floor.

Envelope in the Letter

Like the elephant in the room of the Holocene Hollow Scene, there had been an envelope inside the letter.

I kicked myself for not realising earlier that ol’ Wolfhol wouldn’t have done things by half, and there was likely to be a trick or two up his sleeve; and as he wasn’t with us to have a sleeve, an envelope in a letter was right up his street.

When I read the envelope I realised there was indeed a trick two:

Don’t read this note if you can do anything else
feel it, sense it, imagine it, save your time
why do you forgive the animal hunter and not the human
because they would do line two, and couldn’t do line one.

Time to Contemplate, Contemplating Time

I sat down to contemplate Wolfhol’s words.

I had been thinking what to do
in Minsk for episode two
but remembered travel stories
are often about philosophies
without much need for places
cultural minds rather than faces
I don’t like seeing predatory animals
hunt prey through evolution’s time trials
but as Wolfhol insinuated it’s all they know
so I accepted line three was indeed because of four
and by then I had reached the end of episode two
so go on be off and do something else, that’s all there is for you.

But please return for the next thrilling episode…