New Year, New Look, Same Werey Outlook

Hi, it’s Stephen Werewolfing, science correspondent at the greenYgrey. We don’t have a computer programmer at the greenYgrey, so I’m drafted in to do the best I can with the techy stuff.

2015 New Year, New Look

The New Year start of 2015 inspired us to have a look at the blog’s appearance and performance, and I’ve had a go at updating it for the new year. We’d rather just be writing and researching, although it is quite artistic, and rewarding when things work as you hoped.

I hope you like it and it works better for you than last year. We like to think were (sic) making progress at the greenYgrey, although when you’re in your culture’s golden age there’s nowhere much to go… except to keep rambling… treading water… to reach the end of the journey…