Best of 2014 Animal Photos and Wolf Documentary

Snow Wolf Family and Me provided a good representation of wolves last night in the first of a two-part documentary previewed on this blog yesterday. We thought Gordon Buchanan played up the danger element, and hence his heroism, a tad too much, as he did with polar bears a couple of years ago, but there is a little danger with wolves, as with all dogs, so we don’t want to be too critical… and especially as it is in line with the greenYgrey ideology of combining positives and negatives for a complete view.

There was more coverage showing the wolves’ family life than them hunting, which was good. It was also stressed how hard life is on Ellesmere Island, just under the North Pole in the Canadian Nunavut wilderness; a place visited by Greenygrey in 2008 on its first ramble, and still available on Blogspot; so the wolves don’t have much choice in what they eat, and are instinctually meat-eaters, although they like plants and berries too.

Chris Packham Interview

Hi, it’s Chris Packwerewolf, nature and wildlife correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by television naturalist Chris Packham. My inspiration’s HardTalk interview with Stephen Sackur just happened to be on last night as well, and is available on the programme website… with a great greenYgrey background!




Sorry if they look like two short-haired, clean-shaven, grey-white, middle-age, middle-class men! Sometimes, they speak the nicest things, even nicer than beautiful women, although the nice things sound nicer when spoken by beautiful women.

Wolf Family Stars Photo

Returning to the wolf family documentary, the wolves, and especially the pups, were just about allowed to be the stars of the show, and Buchanan was at his best when enthusing about the wolf family’s beauty.

Here’s a great greenYgreying image from the programme website, combining all the elements of a gYg perfectYpose: green and grey surroundings, with a Y combination meeting at the front of the wolf from sunshine lighting the ruff below the Y shape of head and ears; like as described in Marc Latham’s ekphrastic poem previewed on and included in the Wolfwatcher anthology.








Beautiful Animals of 2014

We’re continuing the beautiful animals theme today, as we saw Yahoo News Best Animal Photos of 2014. There were 18 photos on there, so we’ve copied half here, all with varying amounts of greenYgrey.

One or three others did too,
and three minus one is two.