Best of 2014 and Snow Wolf Family and Me – Looking for Audrey Documentaries

Exciting news for wolf people, even those who aren’t true werewolves, as nobody is really; tonight there’s the first episode of a new Gordon Buchanan documentary series called Snow Wolf Family and Me. I think it’s only available in the U.K., but you may be able to see it anywhere somewhere?

Snow Wolf Family and Me

Hi, it’s Werewolf Whitzer, intrepid newshound at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer.

Snow Wolf Family and Me should be good, and certainly looks greenygrey from the photo gallery:

Three Arctic wolf pups Banjo Lola and Meg playing together outside their den

Yearling Arctic wolf with his three younger siblings by the den

Audrey Hepburn Documentary

As we like to mix and match wonderful wildlife with inspiring women at the greenygrey, there’s Darcy Bussell’s Looking for Audrey on after Snow Wolf, half an hour later on the next channel down, or from the above link on iplayer.

Wolf Stars of Defenders of Wildlife Best of 2014

Returning to wolves, they’ve returned to California, and there were lots of greenYgreying wolves in the Defenders of Wildlife achievements of 2014 video:

WWF 2014 Videos

U.K. based WWF also had a lot of greenYgreying going on in their achievements of 2014 videos.  These included one about Earth Hour activities, and one about micro-chipping endangered rhinos in the Masai Mara.

Beautiful Britain Stag Photos

While WWF concentrate mostly on world wildlife, there is still lots in the U.K., but stags are about the only big ones. Wild boar are supposed to be making a comeback in some areas.

We were reminded of stags’ greenYgreying beauty in a photo on google+ recently, and looking for that photo just found another great one, which is even greenYgreyer, as well as being a folding mirror: