Merry Christmas from greenYgreying Grumpy Cat

It’s Christmas Day in the human world, and we celebrate it in the greenYgrey world too, in a mid-winter kind of way, and especially as it provides lots of opportunities for great greenYgreying.

Grumpy Cat Satire

We are also celebrating the success of Grumpy Cat today, even though its meteoric rise to stardom makes us think we should have stuck with the old greenygrey brand.

We try to brighten up the world by going greenYgrey, and then a grumpy look takes off. C’est la vie!

Merry Christmas

Grumpy Cat greenYgreying Christmas

Even this Christmas’s social media sensation is getting in on the act, with the Grumpy Cat look we call grumpycat here in the greenYgrey world often deserving the more accurate, but admittedly longer, description of greenYgrey grumpycat. This of course makes it a 3G cat, as well as a 3Y!