Satirical Comedy Golden Globes Nominations

The Golden Globes have increased in importance in the greenYgrey world since our GG to gYg rebranding. The Golden Globes already had a place close to our heart due to it also being a GG, but now our relationship is three-dimensional, with the Golden of the Golden Globes mirrored in the prominence of yellow rising in the greenYgrey following the Y rebranding after Green and Grey went down under, in a tale lavishly told in The Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

Hi, it’s Quentin Tarwerewolftino, satirical comedy film critic at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary movie maker Quentin Tarantino. I’m wild to bring you a werewolf world exclusive satirical comedy news report about this year’s Golden Globes nominations:

Golden Globes Nominations

The Nominations night was a lavish extravaganza, with lots of greenYgreying going on.

Can you spot the greenYgreyers amongst Claire Danes, Viola Davis, Juliana Margulies, Ruth Wilson, Robin Wright.

Yes, if you guessed Juliana and Ruth you’d be right.


Birdman was the most nominated, with seven Golden Globes nominations, and we just loved this clip from the movie.

It reminded us of the greenYgrey skyscraper photo that has been on our website biography page for many moons…

statues, tributes, archaeology, history, totem

…just without the Birdman, or the greenYgrey, who has been known to fly around a bit after shapeshifting into something suitable… unless those chutes are indeed the greenYgrey, remembering that the photo was taken before the gYg rebranding, when the Greenygrey was simply GG!