Baltic States Fantasy Travel Last Episode Poetry and Prose

Here’s the last episode of Chapter 2
as two days ago we promised you
you can read it and weep if you want
or continue to end and recap what you learnt.

Happy Solstice to everyone, with the Earth’s tilt now set to give the northern hemisphere more sunlight, after its shortest day, and the southern less, after its longest day, as Earth continues its 365.25 days circular journey around the sun; with the northern hemisphere equalling the south’s sunlight in three months, and getting more for the three months after that until the north gets its longest day and the south its shortest in six months.

Disclaimer: this satire contains no reference to North Korea… and celebrates Lithuania.

Chapter 2 Episode 25

We sailed the Nemunas to Neveronys
on our way to Lithuania’s capital Vilnius
a lone figure stood hitching on the A1
I knew straightaway it wasn’t just anyone.
‘Jack Wolfpac,’ I did proclaim
just before Love said the same
‘what in X Files plot are you doing here?’ I said
Jack replied, ‘It’s about a postcard from Wolfhol you haven’t read.’
‘You’ve had a postcard from Wolfhol!,’ I exclaimed
‘where in X Files plot is the old rascal?’ I enquired
‘Right here in Lithuania,’ Jack responded
‘or at least he seemed to be when he sent it.’

‘Well I’ll be a greenYgrey on a third fantasy ramble!’  I said in shock.
Love had a light-bulb look as if enlightening out of a mental block:
‘You have felt Wolfhol’s presence a couple of times in Lithuania;
the wind crying ‘Wolf not War’, and the rivers last night meant something to ya.’

‘Yes, that’s true now you come to mention it Love, Top: Vilnius Old Town  Middle left: Vilnius Cathedral  Middle right: St. Anne's Church  The 3rd row: Vilnius business district (Šnipiškės)  The 4th row: Presidential Palace.
I can see where you’re coming from by jove
and remember the Wolfholisms without fuss
now I think we should head straight to Vilnius.’

‘That seems like a great idea,’ said Jack,
‘let’s stick out our thumbs and not look back.’
We got a lift with the third green car
all the way to Vievis, which was quite far.

Vievis reminded us of Beavis and Butthead
which prompted Grey to reminisce being led
to Corio in Victoria on its epic Oz trek
sometimes it’s good to remember back.

Jack was mad to visit the Lithuanian Road Museum
opened in Vievis during 1995 to wide acclaim.
It had a lot of fascinating information and objects
relating to the roads Were Loving travelling in the Baltic states.

We couldn’t wait to get back On The Road after that
got a lift with a driver introduced as Mindaugas in a fiat
the day had taken its toll and we were soon dozing however
and I don’t remember reaching Vilnius… never… ever…

Mindaugas augurs well for the mind… I thought… before giving in to gravity… my head dropped lightly… onto the headrest… and I was no longer in Lithuania… or an X Files parody… I was home… at peace… with myself… with the world… with the universe…

The best
is the one
you don’t know
if you’re
going to wake
up from…
but you do…
because there is
also enjoyment
in emerging
and savouring
the feelings
and memories
of your journey
into your mind
whatever you want
to call it
when you relax
let go and leave.


Lithuania Road Museum is in Vievis.
Mindaugas (ca. 1203 – fall 1263) was the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania and the only King of Lithuania according to Wikipedia.

Jack Wolfpac set off to join the X Files travel quest after we received a postcard from Lithuania bearing Andy Wolfhol’s seemingly unmistakeable and unforgeable aW signature.

Jack Kerouac was Marc Latham’s biggest inspiration to travel and keep a diary, and then write spontaneous prose and poetry like the above.

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.