Mad Friday Episode of X Files Parody… Were Always Mad!

With the Christmas schedules starting up, we thought we needed something special to keep your attention… as well as being influenced by previous serialisations… and having the work already done making them quite easy blogs to post… while we purposely put in that last line to make us sound lazy, I hope you will also bear in mind that we’ve travelled far and wide to the twilight zone of the mind to bring you this work… as we bear in mind Yogi, Paddington, Teddy… and that we volunteered for this, and you owe us nothing… and vice-versa… here’s the first verse for ya…

Xaw Files Chapter 2 Episode 23

The late November afternoon sun shone
retiring although it seemed all too soon after noon
like a siren announcing autumn gone and winter born
as if answering Syd’s Pink Piper at the Gates of Dawn
whispering I’m not at my best but I know I can still warm
and you’re travelling to colder climes before mid-winter’s return.

In the Plunge evening I plunged into a meal I hadn’t eaten before. I didn’t eat it all at first, which isn’t like me. I had a post-meal tiredness at first, before getting cold. Love the mixed-up Vole gave me its warmth. We watched Hugo and Narnia movies, escaping into different worlds. I travelled paths I hadn’t remembered for some time.

I don’t think that it was that I had forgotten them. It was just that I hadn’t remembered them for some time. I don’t think there are any memories that are truly forgotten, only those that are remembered or not remembered. Some people spend more time seeking their memories, others prefer to live in the present and future.

I think all memories are still in the mind, but I cannot be sure, for there are many I will never remember, and I will not be able to tell if they are lost or just a little beyond the time I spent remembering. Some are buried deep in the cellar, while others are kept close to the hearth.

After returning from my second journey into my independent dark, which was longer than the first, and three hours after first eating, two hours after second eating, the night seemed to have woken up, shining brightly as if under a super moon.

I felt hungry again, and this time craved the exceedingly good cakes like those made by Mr. Kipling, and tasty crisps like those of Golden Wonder. Y? Yes, Y drove the latter I think.

Back into the warm dark I fell asleep again one more time, before awakening in time to go to bed at the proper time of not long past midnight; the time when television used to stop.

Lithuania Mania Morning

I awoke at the usual time, and felt quite normal, apart from going to the toilet regularly for 2s and feeling quite energetic. Tidy music tuned my mind.

Resisting the urge to run through the gloom, pre-lunch exercises went well.

After sitting back to catch up with this X file the sun glowed gold through the grey haze, making my senses rise, to bask in the horizon hugging hinterlight.

Remembering Our Wolfhol

Fingerprints and sun-lit smudges on screen attracted my attention to anticipate auguries of our A.W.O.L. Andy Wolfhol. I thought I heard the wind cry ‘Wolf not War’, maybe once or twice, three no more.

With the fog cleared, we set off on our way once more. The sky looked blueyblack, as sunlight sped past us over half the sky; burning out before reaching the Eastern half, where stars started to sparkle like dusk’s dying embers, as if the universe was opening its eyes after sleeping through the day.

Although I had enjoyed the night before, I now remembered how sensational the sky is, and the feeling of connection with the universe… mind and vision meeting somewhere in the twilight zone.

Next on the XaW Files…

We think we received a Lithuania postcard from Andy Wolfhol last month, and now greenYgrey seems to be close. Will our travel questers catch up with aW inside two chapters, bringing the XaW Files to a much quicker end than the expected nine.

All will be revealed in the final two episodes of the second chapter over the next two days…

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