Parody Poem Mixing Comedy and Beautiful Women Celebration

Were (sic) escaping into the X Files parody comedy fantasy poetry and prose travel third and final book of an amazing Dr. Marc Latham original idea rambling around the world by Google Maps.

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Latvia to Lithuania Fantasy Travel

This episode sees the epic Euro hike cross Baltic State borders, from Latvia to Lithuania, and celebrates a former Miss Lithuania, whose JaJ name has rather a greenYgrey je ne sais quoi to match the beauty she has been judged to possess by the Miss Lithuania judges, and agreed with by us.

Like with the wonderful wildlife in Latvia, we are using beautiful life in the hope that it will be beneficial to her and her country, and hoping they have good security from the perils of the modern world.

Chapter 2 Episode 22

‘Are you ready to take the Plunge?’ Love asked.

‘I thought we were on our way up to Skrunda,’ I replied.

‘I’m afraid the radar is already pointed straight at us,’ Love shouted down from the light above, ‘and I don’t think we should trigger a security alert having enjoyed our time in Latvia so much. The next big town southwards is Plunge, over the border in Lithuania.’

‘I think you’re right Love,’ I shouted up, ‘I’m ready to plunge into Plunge.’

Plunge, West Lithuania

We ducked back down under Skrunda
Love found a route south easier via Ezere
using a map that featured our tricolour
crossing below the Lat-Lit border
passing Tirksliai, Sena, Zemaiciu, Babrungas
pulling out all the stops to reach Plunge’s grass
emerging like the name from River Paplunga
the most likely source according to Wikipedia
we ran and swam to the fountain on City Square
with Love proclaiming it sensed an interest in air
Love said the wind whispered Dora
I remembered one who was an adorer
but before I could offer my suggestion
Love interrupted to say it had died down
then I heard Js jangling like my Gs gush
it was Jurgita Jurkute looking delicious
you could see why she was Miss Lithuania in 2009
and why she has an A in her name where Y is in mine
Jurgita Jurkute you look so cute
my brain shouted but my mouth was mute
Love looked at me as if in agreement
I felt empathy but no sense of achievement
Jurgita walked past all Js a jangling
without even her neckline plunging
I missed the other Baltic states
especially their preserving wildlife traits
but I was now with Love in Lithuania
and Plunge had provided a great starter.

Miss Lithuania Jurgita Jurkute.jpg


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