Leaving Latvia in a Fantasy Travel Quest Tunnel of Love

In the second blog of the U.K. today, as the first one overran with other discussion, here’s the next thrilling XaW Files. It has a hollowing rather than harrowing end to the Holocene Hollow Scene story.

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

This episode sees a shocking revelation about Stella, and the story leaving  the lovely Latvia. Here it is:

Chapter 2 Episode 21

I thought I had worked out what was happening in the Holocene Hollow Scene, but knew I was only at a stage similar to Tal thinking about the hippo; I hadn’t worked out why it was happening or how to alleviate the situation I thought I had found myself in.

I thought there was no point thinking about it, and went to get a drink. I drank several, losing my steadiness of mind and body, before eventually falling in a heap against the wall. I retained consciousness, hoping to rejoin the party, until my fingers tapped the cold wall, as if asking to be released, and I knew I had left the Holocene Hollow Scene.

It felt like I had tunnel vision, but there was a greenYgrey light at the end of it.

Tunnel of Love

I awoke still in the dark, but there was enough light to make out Love busily burrowing upwards. I asked where we were, and what had happened the previous night in the Holocene Hollow Scene.

Love stopped burrowing, and turned around to talk to me, saying, ‘You were quite the saviour last night. That was a genius move getting drunk and falling unconscious. You saved the day for Stella and the HS2.’

Love continued, ‘Although she hadn’t said anything, apparently Stella and the club were experiencing problems with poachers, and she was worried about them last night, which was why she didn’t have that much time for us.’

I asked Love how my getting drunk had helped matters.

Love said my relaxed sleeping seemed to create a wall wormhole, and we were sucked into it, as my lovely friend was trying to pull me away from it. It just had time to see all the commotion we’d caused flush the poachers out of their hiding place in the club, meaning everybody and everything could enjoy the rest of the night, and the holocene animals would be safe for a little while at least.

Tal’s Hippo Move Realised

I remembered my dream about Tal, and thought my experiences had mirrored Tal’s hippo thoughts chess game, with my absent mindedness unwittingly leading to success.

I therefore thought Tal’s relevance had been more like the hippo dream than the forest quote I’d first seen in Moscow…

Then I realised Stella wasn’t with us, and asked Love where she was.

Waking All Asunder Under Skrunda

Love explained that Stella hadn’t wanted to leave the Hollow yet, as she loved the mixture of nature and glamour she could enjoy in Riga, and thought she could do better work there than On The Road with us. Love added that Stella said she hoped to catch up with us sometime along the way before the end of the journey.

I thought she had done the right thing, as she did look at home there. I asked Love where we were again.

Love said it thought we were under Skrunda, which was the closest town to a secret Soviet city used for radar purposes during the Cold War.