Reflection 35 of Mirror Poetry Book

I saw gold yesterday
and this morning the sun
painted the sky
at rush hour
saw it too
sending representations
of nature’s beauty into the media.

Yes, it was a great sunrise this morning, with an apparent deluge of photos into the media probably reflecting the sunrise is now at the ideal rush hour for 9-5 workers.

Moreover, the greenYgrey even nearly made it into the weather forecast a few days ago, albeit the old-fashioned brand, when the day ahead was described as gloomygrey.

I think greenYgrey would have sounded much nicer than gloomygrey, and it was for days such as that that the greenYgrey thinks it was brought into the world, putting a positive spin on what is a negative weather day for most people.

Mirror Poem Reflection

Hi, it’s William Werewolfsworth, satirical comedy poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey, who follows his human inspiration William Wordsworth in loving all things natural world.

It’s a pity Jack Wolfpac went back On The Road, because the next Reflection from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections is right up his street… or railroad to be more precise.

Hobo Travel Poem Reflection

Reflection 35 of 242 Miror Poems and Reflections mirrored Railway Line Division Vision, which was about  railway tracks becoming a part of the American language and cultural narrative as a dividing line between rich and poor parts of town.

Railroads also have a special place in American travel folklore due to the hobos who rode trains across the country, followed by 1950s Beats like ol’ Wolfpac’s inspiration Jack Kerouac.

Marc Latham had reached the average age midpoint of his journey through life when he wrote Ballad of a Young and Old Hobo; an ideal time for a Folding Mirror reflectionand I think it was written with his 25th anniversary travels in mind.

Reflection 35

Ballad of a Young and Old Hobo

The young hobo
all full of myths and dreams
setting out on the highway
with nowhere to go
Where would the road lead him
what route would he follow
to a destiny of riches
or realisation of world hollow
The end of the long road
led to attempts at rooting
but the horizon always called
with new places for scooting
So the road has not ended
nor ever shall it likely
it was just suspended
reality upended
As ambitions tended
bended by society
a life in jeopardy
with no escape ahead of me
The old hobo moving along
myths and dreams no longer the fuel
new places on the old trail
sights and movement keep travelling cool.

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