Royal Family Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Concern

We don’t hate posh people at the greenygrey; in fact, we think we love Cressida Bonas… although only in a distant admiring way of course! We do agree with people like Russell Brand that Eton has too much influence on Blighty’s political life, but think that it should just be opened up to more poor but worthy students, rather than ripped down like Brand.

Future for Top Schools

Wandbank Eton hoog

Talented footballers and sportspeople go to academies, so we don’t see why the same shouldn’t be the same for politics and higher office. The best talents should have the best coaches.

However, we think it should be more about ability than money and status, although we accept that it might have to be split between the two to retain tradition and financial security.

Brandists probably wouldn’t want that as they don’t want any private schools, while traditionalists might want it to remain money and class orientated.

The greenYgrey thinks it should be a compromise, which we must admit does sound like New Labour third-way politics!

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge in New York

Hi, it’s Chris Packwerewolf, satirical comedy nature and wildlife correspondent at the greenYgrey, inspired by Chris Packham.

My great fantasy friend and co-worker Steve Backshall was on The Wright Stuff this morning, and said his opinion of the Royal Family had changed recently, after meeting with Prince Charles and Prince William, who are leading campaigners on the environment and wildlife conservation.

Prince William has even been working with our bad-tempered flying friends Angry Birds to help the endangered pangolin.

We are also fantastic fans of Princess Kate the Great, the Duchess of Cambridge wife of Prince William, and quite like the Queen and princes.

The story that inspired Backshall’s comments was that Kate and William are currently in New York advocating for more wildlife protection.

This is of course a cause close to our hearts, what with greenYgrey the last of its kind as far as it knows.

While we recently criticised the upper classes for wanting to concrete over Britain, the Royal Family have ironically been defenders of nature, planting new forests, protecting environments, and even going green domestically.

We think it would be great if they gave up hunting and shooting too, but some traditions die hard, and they are definitely moving in the right direction, and even leading the way in many ways.

Scandinavia and France Comparison

Another reason that we have moved more towards the centre on the Royal Family is the Scandinavian model, which our Royal Family seems to be emulating.

Scandinavian countries retain royal families, but still have nice liberal light socialism societies generally. 

France had a revolution to get rid of their royal family, which was probably worthy at the time, but had a long, brutal and messy aftermath. Are the people in France any better off than in Scandinavia, and have the French presidents behaved better than the Scandinavian royals?

I’m not saying the Scandinavian system is better, but I don’t think it is worse, and not worth all the upheaval France had to go through.

While we were always Parliamentarians over Royals concerning Britain’s civil war, and thought the Royal Family was heading towards oblivion in the 1980s, we think the Royals have looked better than the politicians over the last twenty years… while Kate the Great has admittedly got a lot to do with that, William and Harry have also played their parts, and Liz n’ Charles have also been good.

Moreover, since New Labour’s multicultural fascism, we feel much more comfortable having a satirical discussion about the royals than about politics! And have found snobbery and prejudice amongst all classes, countries and cultures!!