Victoria’s Secret Show and British Fashion Awards

Oh what a week of fashion and greenYgreying it has been, with the British Fashion Awards and a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, not to mention a couple of great greenYgrey hits in this week’s MSN fashion feast.

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, satirical comedy fashionisto supremo inspired by Paco Rabanne, in the absence of our fashionista suprema Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, who was of course inspired by Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and Bruno.

MSN’s Weekly Fashion

There were two great greenYgrey hits from Nick Ede in this week’s MSN celebrity fashion outfits. Taylor Swift looked very seasonal:

Possibly seeing a camera ahead while out and about without any green attire, Jennifer Aniston cannot conceal the joy of spontaneous greenYgreying after spotting some green to slipstream, and capture that all important greenYgrey look.

British Fashion Awards

The British Fashion Awards chose a green (and possibly greenYgrey if you look closely with a greenYgrey viewpoint) backdrop for their photos. This of course provided plenty of opportunities for greenYgreying.

Michelle Dockery made the most of it, and provided the best greenYgrey photo with this stunning dress:

Cara Delevingne won Model of the Year, and is no stranger to variety greenYgreying, mix and matching old and new styles and brands:

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Although all the above was great, they were eclipsed at the last minute by the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Talking of great Victorias, rather than in a negative way like in yesterday’s blog, Beckham won Designer of the Year after her fantastic Folding Mirror gYgboo was linked with Victoria’s Secret during the year on this blog.

Candice Swanepoel achieved what must be one of the best ever greenYgreying photos with this angelic outfit, catwalk and backdrop:

Behati Prinsloo wasn’t far behind with this classic greenygrey outfit:

Model Behati Prinsloo on the runway.


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