Riga, Latvia Animals Chess Fantasy Poetry and Prose

Following on from the last blog, since writing Reflection 4 U.K. immigration figures have risen to New Labour levels, making Cameron’s promise to cut net immigration to tens of thousands by next year’s election a failure. This is said to be because of the U.K.’s economy being a success, but the deficit is also rising again, and isn’t it just a case of building the economy on more people and construction; which is also destruction for the environment, looking at it through greenYgrey style greeth and greyth growth.

Britain’s Economy and Immigration

While at university over a decade ago, Marc Latham said the upper classes seemed to want a return to Victorian times, with Britain turned into a big industrial estate. This seems to be coming true to a certain extent.

There isn’t much big wildlife left in Britain anyway, although what we have is very valuable, there are big animals in parks, we still have a good marine life around the island, and there are loads of beautiful places to visit.

Our wolves and bears were lost a long time before recent immigration, so that was all Britain’s fault, and if lots of people coming to the U.K. helps preserve the wildlife in their countries then it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I write that because today’s new episode of the XaW Files features Latvia’s impressive wildlife, which includes a complete Holocene era set of bears, wolves, moose, beavers, deer and lynx enjoying forests that still cover over half the country. We hope that writing about it will increase tourism, and security, and not alert poachers!

Paddington Bear Movie and Reality PaddingtonPOSTER.jpg

Spectacled Bear

The same is true for the new Paddington movie, with its spectacled bears inspiration endangered in Peru and the Andes, due to both land clearing for farmland and the bear body parts being used in unnecessary potions and delicacies.

Paddington of course starred in the Paddington, Sydney episode of Werewolf of Oz.

Riga, Latvia Fantasy Fiction

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, only fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey since my colleague Jack Wolfpac went back On The Road.

It’s a shame Jack isn’t here, as this episode from Riga, Latvia starts off with a couple of poems, before getting into some quite complicated chess play wordplay:

XaW Files Chapter 2 Episode 19

If the sun shines at night
is it a sign of lifeside bright
or does it symbolise something wrong
time to stop singing the upside down song
we’re used to howling at the moon
too late to start whistling another tune…

My mind was turning over
waking up in Ogre
twisting and turning
absorbing and learning
I processed the above poetry a while
remembering Mikhail’s quote in our Moscow file… (relevant later)

We had a veggie breakfast fit for an ogre or two,
with no holding back on a third helping or few.

Love said it had talked to the waiter before I joined it, and after telling him we were off to Riga to join our Stella, the waiter had said Ogre also thought of her as ‘our Stella’ now.

Moreover, the waiter had said Riga was also ‘in-ter-Stella’ now, and she was running the most popular club in Latvia’s capital. It was called the Holocene Hollow Scene, which was a play on words linking the animal age Latvia is proud to have preserved, and the nightlife scene’s reputation for being hollow or shallow. It was diminutively called the Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow

We reached Riga at eleven, with the streets dark except for a few night owls ready to burn the midnight oil. It made me feel sleepy as we looked for the Hollow.

I was almost falling asleep on my feet, until seeing lots of humans and animals all gravitating in the same direction.

I looked Love straight in the eyes, and it requited my look. It seemed we were on the right track for a long-awaited Stella reunion, and we both had a noticeable spring in our step straightaway.

We joined the throng, and reached the Hollow in no time; and when I say no time I actually mean it felt like no time, as if we were in The Land That Time Forgot since we got on the right track, and hadn’t looked back. That was the opposite situation to those who found themselves in a preserved dinosaur world in the 1975 movie, which was based on a 1918 Edgar Rice Burroughs novel… but we were soon to be in a situation not unlike the characters of that story.

Stella Reunion

Love told the mouse on the door with a Monica moniker name badge that we knew Stella, and Monica talked to somebody on her walkie-talkie.

In no time at all, for time still seemed suspended, I saw a glamorous stylish figure walking towards us, and immediately recognised it as our Stella.

Stella hugged us both, Love and me all three gYg, and we were soon entering the club trying to catch up with all our news while walking downstairs into the Hollow.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.