Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2015

Happy New Year to all the greenYgreyliens out there, and all positive visitors, and especially to those special people who bought our books in 2014 and previous years. We hope you got something out of our were words, whether entertainment or education, or both, and hope you have a nice night tonight, and terrific 2015…

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Best of 2014 Animal Photos and Wolf Documentary

Snow Wolf Family and Me provided a good representation of wolves last night in the first of a two-part documentary previewed on this blog yesterday. We thought Gordon Buchanan played up the danger element, and hence his heroism, a tad too much, as he did with polar bears a couple of years ago, but there is a little danger with wolves, as with all dogs, so we don’t want to be too critical… and especially as it is in line with the greenYgrey ideology of combining positives and negatives for a complete view.

There was more coverage showing the wolves’ family life than them hunting, which was good. It was also stressed how hard life is on Ellesmere Island, just under the North Pole in the Canadian Nunavut wilderness; a place visited by Greenygrey in 2008 on its first ramble, and still available on Blogspot; so the wolves don’t have much choice in what they eat, and are instinctually meat-eaters, although they like plants and berries too.

Chris Packham Interview

Hi, it’s Chris Packwerewolf, nature and wildlife correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by television naturalist Chris Packham. My inspiration’s HardTalk interview with Stephen Sackur just happened to be on last night as well, and is available on the programme website… with a great greenYgrey background!




Sorry if they look like two short-haired, clean-shaven, grey-white, middle-age, middle-class men! Sometimes, they speak the nicest things, even nicer than beautiful women, although the nice things sound nicer when spoken by beautiful women.

Wolf Family Stars Photo

Returning to the wolf family documentary, the wolves, and especially the pups, were just about allowed to be the stars of the show, and Buchanan was at his best when enthusing about the wolf family’s beauty.

Here’s a great greenYgreying image from the programme website, combining all the elements of a gYg perfectYpose: green and grey surroundings, with a Y combination meeting at the front of the wolf from sunshine lighting the ruff below the Y shape of head and ears; like as described in Marc Latham’s ekphrastic poem previewed on fmpoetry.wordpress.com and included in the Wolfwatcher anthology.








Beautiful Animals of 2014

We’re continuing the beautiful animals theme today, as we saw Yahoo News Best Animal Photos of 2014. There were 18 photos on there, so we’ve copied half here, all with varying amounts of greenYgrey.

One or three others did too,
and three minus one is two.

Best of 2014 and Snow Wolf Family and Me – Looking for Audrey Documentaries

Exciting news for wolf people, even those who aren’t true werewolves, as nobody is really; tonight there’s the first episode of a new Gordon Buchanan documentary series called Snow Wolf Family and Me. I think it’s only available in the U.K., but you may be able to see it anywhere somewhere?

Snow Wolf Family and Me

Hi, it’s Werewolf Whitzer, intrepid newshound at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer.

Snow Wolf Family and Me should be good, and certainly looks greenygrey from the photo gallery:

Three Arctic wolf pups Banjo Lola and Meg playing together outside their den

Yearling Arctic wolf with his three younger siblings by the den

Audrey Hepburn Documentary

As we like to mix and match wonderful wildlife with inspiring women at the greenygrey, there’s Darcy Bussell’s Looking for Audrey on after Snow Wolf, half an hour later on the next channel down, or from the above link on iplayer.

Wolf Stars of Defenders of Wildlife Best of 2014

Returning to wolves, they’ve returned to California, and there were lots of greenYgreying wolves in the Defenders of Wildlife achievements of 2014 video:

WWF 2014 Videos

U.K. based WWF also had a lot of greenYgreying going on in their achievements of 2014 videos.  These included one about Earth Hour activities, and one about micro-chipping endangered rhinos in the Masai Mara.

Beautiful Britain Stag Photos

While WWF concentrate mostly on world wildlife, there is still lots in the U.K., but stags are about the only big ones. Wild boar are supposed to be making a comeback in some areas.

We were reminded of stags’ greenYgreying beauty in a photo on google+ recently, and looking for that photo just found another great one, which is even greenYgreyer, as well as being a folding mirror:

Spend Your Shopping Vouchers on the greenYgrey Day

After this year has seen the British media engage in American-originated shopping days such as Cyber Monday, we’ve decided to have a Spend Your Shopping Vouchers on the greenYgrey Day… and yes it is TODAY… whatever day you’re reading this.

This is written satirically, but we hope you’ll take it seriously as well as satirically. Werewolf of Oz is now available for £5 in Amazon U.K., and similarly cheap prices around the world, and won’t be reduced greatly in price throughout 2015.

Books Provide Inspiration  

Sorry to continue plugging our books, but as were self-publishing we don’t have the publicity machine of the big corporate publishers, who are only doing their job, and it is a generally very worthy and rewarding one.

As having a travel memoir published was an inspiration to continue travelling through tough times, so our published books are now an inspiration to continue fantasy travelling.

Fantasy travelling mirrors real travelling in being enjoyable and rewarding, but also problematic and exhausting, so we think we’re entitled to get some benefit out of it.

XaW Files New Chapter

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical comedy fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

We weres were thinking of leaving the start of XaW Files Chapter 3 to 2015, but you’ve been such great readers in 2014, and we thought you might be suffering a between-ChristmasyNewYear mid-winter lull (with plenty of time to spend those shopping vouchers, satirically speaking), that we’ve decided to post the first chapter today.

And we think it’s a good one.

Central Europe

Chapter 3 is set in central-east Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), and is going to have 24 episodes according to X Files Series 3.

To recap the end of chapter 2, our dynamic duo turned into a travelling trio when Jack Wolfpac (inspiration: Jack Kerouac) caught up with greenYgrey and Love the mixed-up Vole, before they all fell asleep during a Lithuanian journey, so they missed Vilnius, where the target of our travel quest, the A.W.O.L. Andy Wolfhol (inspiration: Andy Warhol) is thought to have well could have been, after we received a postcard bearing his unmistakeable and seemingly impossible to forge aW signature, and greenYgrey thought it felt the Wolfhol was close.

Here’s the next thrilling episode, set in Belarus’s capital Minsk, which seems to confirm our travelling trio missed a chance to bring the travel quest to an early end, in an epic poem that has stanzas alternating between a-a-b-b and a-b-a-b. The third stanza happens to rhyme a-a-a-a.

The poem later mixes Love the mixed-up Vole’s natural fear of minks with the human problem of dyslexia in an empathetic way:

XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 1: Minsk, Belarus

We woke up in a derelict alley
of a district called Partyzanski
named after WWII partisans
now housing partying artisans?

Would they remember the partisans well?
did their efforts bring a better post-WWII
I hadn’t asked anybody so I couldn’t tell
I think it wasn’t that different for creatures like me and you.

The three of us; not me three; had a tri-dimensional lotus
hanging around our necks like the Order of Vytautas
it said ‘I aW was sorry not to talk to you in Vilnius
you were sleeping and I didn’t want to create a fuss.’

‘It’s too late for me, and I’m unique
the Lithuanian Wolfhol you didn’t meet
I hope one day our illusion of hide and seek
will materialise dancing to the same beat.’

Just then I felt Love start to tremble
‘Minks,’ it said, obviously failing to assemble
the sign for the city we were in’s correct spelling
reading skills blurred by preservatory genes welling.

‘Minsk,’ I said, ‘We’re in Minsk, Belarus, not in Minks’
‘That’s a relief,’ said Love, ‘although it could bring me to tears
finding out I have trouble reading later letters links
when I’ve just got over a lovely vole’s most instinctual fears.’

‘That’s natural,’ I said to Love, and Jack offered to help all he could:
‘I’ve written a word or two in my time, linking later letters, as one should,
otherwise we’d end up with worsd or wodsr instead of words
causing poems not to rhyme like gravityless universes unable to create worlds.’

‘Of course,’ I continued, ‘it doesn’t help you Love, that Belarus has a different alphabet
or that the city has been called Mensk and Miensk in the past
but those changes were more to do with where M and N met
at the start of a word that will likely continue evolving to the last.’

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Best of 2014 Beautiful Looks and Innovators Awards

When designers lay on green backdrops, grey floors and yellow lighting celebrities are already onto a greenYgrey sure thing, and some even add to the foundations with a personal touch.

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, satirical comedy fashionisto apprentico, who has been elevated to fashionisto supremo in the absence of Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, star of our work in progress XaW Files.

Beautiful Looks in 2014

Most of the MSN’s 35 beautiful looks had some greenYgreying going on, and some featured celebrities that had already been on this site. So we just picked our favourite out of the 35 for 2014, and it just happened to genuinely be of a celebrity who hadn’t appeared here before.

We think Malin Akerman’s photo really captures the greenYgrey rebranding, which has really taken off this year, and seems to have inspired a yellow for winter-brightening fashion trend in the U.K… although we do accept the possibility that somebody else really drove the fashion trend.

Malin was a standout in her Bec & Bridge - not just because of the citron hue but thanks, too, to that cutout neckline.

Innovator Awards of 2014

Karlie Kloss led the greenYgreying at this year’s Innovator Awards, using dress and lightning to great effect.

The Innovator Awards are of course very dear to us, as we are nothing if not an innovator’s innovation.

Celebrity Looks of the Week

MSN showed there is no sign of the greenYgreying craze abating as we end the year, and if anything, it seems to have saved a sprint finish to the 2015 New Year,
with celebrities taking in the opportunity
to once more
greenygrey in 2014
shame it wasn’t a decade earlier
as more would’ve rhymed with 2004.

Hilary Duff greenYgreys on many levels:

Hilary Duff goes shopping in Los Angeles, Calif., on Dec. 22, 2014.

Is Prince Harry playing for Team gYg?

Prince Harry took part in a Charity Football Match on Christmas Eve at the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England, on Dec. 24, 2014.

Taylor Swift has emerged as one of the most artistic and innovative greenYgreyers during 2014:

Taylor Swift looked striking while exiting her apartment and heading to dinner with her brother Austin in New York on Dec. 22, 2014.

Merry Christmas from greenYgreying Grumpy Cat

It’s Christmas Day in the human world, and we celebrate it in the greenYgrey world too, in a mid-winter kind of way, and especially as it provides lots of opportunities for great greenYgreying.

Grumpy Cat Satire

We are also celebrating the success of Grumpy Cat today, even though its meteoric rise to stardom makes us think we should have stuck with the old greenygrey brand.

We try to brighten up the world by going greenYgrey, and then a grumpy look takes off. C’est la vie!

Merry Christmas

Grumpy Cat greenYgreying Christmas

Even this Christmas’s social media sensation is getting in on the act, with the Grumpy Cat look we call grumpycat here in the greenYgrey world often deserving the more accurate, but admittedly longer, description of greenYgrey grumpycat. This of course makes it a 3G cat, as well as a 3Y!


Satirical Comedy Golden Globes Nominations

The Golden Globes have increased in importance in the greenYgrey world since our GG to gYg rebranding. The Golden Globes already had a place close to our heart due to it also being a GG, but now our relationship is three-dimensional, with the Golden of the Golden Globes mirrored in the prominence of yellow rising in the greenYgrey following the Y rebranding after Green and Grey went down under, in a tale lavishly told in The Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

Hi, it’s Quentin Tarwerewolftino, satirical comedy film critic at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary movie maker Quentin Tarantino. I’m wild to bring you a werewolf world exclusive satirical comedy news report about this year’s Golden Globes nominations:

Golden Globes Nominations

The Nominations night was a lavish extravaganza, with lots of greenYgreying going on.

Can you spot the greenYgreyers amongst Claire Danes, Viola Davis, Juliana Margulies, Ruth Wilson, Robin Wright.

Yes, if you guessed Juliana and Ruth you’d be right.


Birdman was the most nominated, with seven Golden Globes nominations, and we just loved this clip from the movie.

It reminded us of the greenYgrey skyscraper photo that has been on our website biography page for many moons…

statues, tributes, archaeology, history, totem

…just without the Birdman, or the greenYgrey, who has been known to fly around a bit after shapeshifting into something suitable… unless those chutes are indeed the greenYgrey, remembering that the photo was taken before the gYg rebranding, when the Greenygrey was simply GG!