Our Jack Kerouac On The Road to X Files Ogre Latvia Episode

A Saint-Malo to Mont-Saint-Michel, Brittany and Normandy, France travel article remembering the D-Day landings in their seventieth anniversary year by Marc Latham is now up on Go Nomad. It has a sacrifice theme inspired by this video’s contents:

On The Road to the X Files

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, satirical comedy travel poetry novel writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary poet novelist traveller Jack Kerouac.

I’ve got another chapter of the XaW Files mixing poetry and prose for you today. Having flown the corn crake nest in the last episode, this episode finds greenYgrey looking for Love over Ogre; that’s our Love the mixed-up Vole, and the town in Latvia called Ogre.

This is my last introduction here on this blog, for a while at least, because I have volunteered to head out On The Road to Lithuania to look for our A.W.O.L. Andy Wolfhol, after he sent a postcard from there recently.

I might see greenYgrey and Love on the way in Latvia.. and maybe even Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, as it seems they’re getting closer to their rendezvous in this file? Au revoir, toodle pip…

Chapter 2 Episode 18 Discussões → Geography Alphabet Game (Now with map!) :O

I saw what looked like a landing site,
greenYgrey upside down Y shining bright,
only the Ogre name sounded ominous,
then I thought it’s the same for werewolves like us,
so I descended a little lower,
and saw no monster’s glower,
only Love waving on the ground,
guiding me down safe n’ sound,
Riga didn’t look far away,
so I thought we might see Stella later that day.

Finding Love Again

Love was back in its usual vole form, and it was great to see it looking well… mixed up. I shapeshifted from young corn crake to my ol’ werewolf self before telling Love my MaC4 story, which you already know (or you haven’t read recent episodes yet!).

Love thought for a minute, before asking:
‘how I’d come to terms
to living amongst worms:
being brought up again?’
I said I’d felt nine out of ten
embracing ebullience
to escape significance
it’s easier to laugh and smile
than to think all the time
MaC4 helped us bond together
and now we’re closer than ever.’

Love’s Story

I asked Love what it had been doing, and how it had made its way to Ogre. It told me its story, which I’m pretty sure you don’t know yet, so I will now recount it.

Love said it felt lost when it saw me get carried away by the corn crake (crex crex). It had wished for the ‘wings of a dove’ out loud, as I’d heard. It said that in its shock at my abduction it had forgotten its ability to shapeshift, only realising later that it could indeed have tried to become a dove.

I told Love that its slow reaction was understandable under the surprising circumstances, and a dove would anyway have been a difficult manoeuvre for a vole inexperienced in shapeshifting.

Love seemed reassured, and said it had been feeling tired from changing into a mouse and crossing borders. It said that it followed my flight path until I went out of sight, and then walked that way west.

It didn’t find any sign of me, and as darkness fell, it found itself on the edge of Ogre. It didn’t think its mouse form had worked, so it shapeshifted back to being a vole.

Love said he was warmly welcomed by very stylish Ogre ogres who looked confident in themselves and not at all angry or lascivious. They had provided a bed and he’d slept with volitious vervour.

Love’s Poem

The morning roared awake
first frost’s sleep it did break
but too late to stop cats’ eyes
witness chimney smoke rise
joining newly arrived cloud
Love said it did think aloud
how the world goes around
before returning to sleep sound.

Love’s Story II 101_3105

Love apologised for that artistic license, and assured me the best part of the story was yet to come. I was all ears… metaphorically speaking.

When it went downstairs there was a toad-in-a-hole-fit-for-a-veggie-vole breakfast waiting for it, and it soon continued its conversation with the ogres.

After telling them of our latent Latvian rendezvous with Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, Love said it nearly choked on its veggie sausage when the ogres said she had visited Ogre.

Moreover, they said that although the human town of Ogre was already a beautiful place, the ogre Ogre parallel universe had been a troubled town before Stella gave it a makeover, and transformed it into the happy homely hamlet whose hospitality it found hard to handle… under the circumstances.

I requited Love’s feelings, saying I had felt the same way with MaC4.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.