Satirical Comedy Adverts Report from Our Harry Hill

A new anthropomorphic star has emerged in the advertising world’s Christmas Countdown. Following on from Alexandr Orlov and the meerkats’ rapid rise to the top, this Christmas belongs to Monty the Adélie penguin.

John Lewis Advert Montymania

Moreover, the love for Monty; who reminds me of our Love the mixed-up vole, as Monty is looking for love; is being called Montymania, which is a greenYgreyism if I ever saw one.

The John Lewis advert CGI penguin is said to have created interest and finances for the endangered Antarctic bird, such as WWF sponsor a penguin, so it’s all great.

It’s another good example of companies helping charities and wildlife, as the greenYgrey set out to do seven years ago. Of course, we were only following other great adverts and animal media stars.

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, satirical comedy television correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Hill.

Fifty Fifty Slogan and Advert

Not quite on television, but very much in line with greenYgrey, Fifty Fifty post production house’s advertising slogan is that they ‘don’t do things by half’.

Screenshot (26)

I thought that was a bit like our greenYgrey; since our three-dimensional rebranding anyway. We used to do things by half back in the Green and Grey days.

Rolex Way is greenYgrey

I first noticed the Rolex watches advert for its greenYgrey colour, then saw its slogan was in line with us too, and that most of the advert’s words were too.

Look in all the dictionaries
there is no word for what we do…
(as we’ve often moaned, we still haven’t made it into a dictionary!)
there is no tradition
although our craft is timeless…
(greenYgrey still doesn’t know its origins, but thinks it’s been around a while)
This is the only thing we’ll make
this is the only thing we’ll ever make
innovation can only begin to describe it
(we only create writing, with adverts like this like the Rolex watches’ parts)
there is only a way
the Rolex way
(there is only a were, a greenYgrey were)