The Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen: Rock Star and Real Woman

‘I just don’t want that to be the focus, celebrity is a strange thing, I want to be known for creating something people love, not for who I’m dating or what I had for breakfast today.’

The above quote from lead singer Taylor Momsen in a interview seems to highlight the at least two sides, or greenYgrey, of The Pretty Reckless singer. In other interviews she also talks of being shy and introverted, which makes us think we made the right decision not to get Marc Latham a V.I.P. ticket to meet her, although we had satirically written of him becoming Momsen’s super groupie. We already thought she preferred women sexually.

Concert of the Year Decisions

We also wanted to give bigger fans the opportunity for the V.I.P. tickets, because although we are true fans, we think there are more ardent ones.

We also don’t want to feed too much off The Pretty Reckless fame, or be too imposing.

Maybe it’s a missed opportunity, and why we’re still not that famous, but we try and make decisions in line with our morals and values… which might not be the same as those held by mainstream… or (especially) celebrity… society.

As well as our own ethics we try and mirror those of who we write about. So our attitude to Russell Brand and Taylor Momsen are totally different, in line with how we view them from what we know about them, rather than gender or other demographics.

Good Luck to The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless kicked off their latest U.K. tour last night, and will be rocking Blighty over the next week. The tour has been chosen to join the Rock n’ Roll gYg of Fame this week; inspired by the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in the human world; to become the gig of the year in the greenYgrey world. They join an exalted list of great heavy rock and metal bands since the award’s inception in 2009.

The Two or More Sides to Taylor’s Voice and Image

Seeing Taylor Momsen on stage and in the studio or interviews shows the at least two sides to her personality that are hinted at in her lyrics, and sang with great range from low  melancholy to melodic high-pitched and sometimes even snarling heartfelt anguish.

For their music, and particularly Momsen’s vocals, we think The Pretty Reckless deserve to be our Concert of the Year.

As written in an earlier blog, after a Folding Mirror poem created comparing their music to that of Debbie Harry and Blondie, Momsen joins a long list of great female and female-fronted rock groups including the Runaways and Warlock.

While there have been higher profile female singers in the twenty-first century before and after The Pretty Reckless emerged, we don’t think any have matched Momsen’s singing or lyrics.

The Pretty Reckless Tour

The Pretty Reckless band provide great backing, with guitarist Ben Phillips sharing most of the songwriting, Mark Damon on bass and Jamie Perkins on drums.

They are supported on tour by Heavens Basement and Nothing More.

Two of the dates are already sold out.

We support Taylor Momsen in the same way we support Femen, and other women who want to live and behave with freedom and equality.

Although there is obviously a self-interest in this, there is with all people’s views, including women who are feminists, and especially the British politicians recently sporting This is what a feminist looks like t-shirts.

The greenYgrey doesn’t claim to be a leading feminist, but it was certainly supporting feminism before the recent wave of politicians!