Mirror Poem Reflecting on Social Media Celebrity Culture

The Russell Brand Revolution was this week overshadowed by a nasty tiff between Katie Hopkins and George Galloway. Tonight there’s Strictly Come Dancing v X Factor, while I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is starting again now.

Hi, it’s William Werewolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey.

The Reality of Today’s Political Opinion

They are all entertaining, and that is it. I don’t think the three ‘political and social’ celebrities should be taken any more seriously than the reality television shows. They are just ‘celebrities’ being as extreme as possible, because in today’s 24/7 media world you’ve got to be headline newsworthy to keep up your celebrity profile… and make more money.

While Che Guevara nearly died from asthma, insects and starvation sweating in the jungles of Latin America before eventually being shot, nearly 40-years-old Russell Brand directs his ‘revolution’ looking like he styles himself as the ‘new Che’ topless from his luxury bed on YouTube!

His self-declared emergence as a ‘revolutionary leader’ seems to sum up the modern media age and contents of Marc Latham’s Reflection 31, where the most undeserving and unlikely people assume power and privilege with the least effort possible.

I think Brand bringing out a children’s book version of the  Pied Piper at the same time as his adult Revolution is the funniest thing he’s ever done!!

Ironically, I’d seen him as a Pied Piper kind of figure before seeing his name put to the book; somewhere between Charles Manson and the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Twitter is Okay

Oops, there we are, having started by criticising today’s media we’ve sunk to ‘celebrity’ levels, and been rather bitchy to Brand.

And we did the same thing with Twitter in Reflection 31. We’ve got nothing against Twitter, it was just that at the time of the reflection’s writing it was the ‘revolution’ of the time, and some people seemed to think it would change the world.

Now, a couple of years later, it’s still popular, but it’s influence has waned, with other social media companies taking over. And that is what they are, companies. People like Brand are running their ‘anti-capitalist’ revolutions through companies making vast amounts of money for their creators and shareholders… as well as being a company themselves… as the greenYgrey is… a global megabrand satirically at that!!

We’ve stuck with Facebook and Google+, as well as using LinkedIn and starting with MySpace. We like the combination of writing and images on Google+, finding it the most suitable for our twin interest merging the two, but try not to take it too seriously, and mostly use it to try and promote our work and website.

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The greenYgrey Difference

So what is the difference between the greenYgrey and the above ‘celebrity opinionsters’. Well, we like to think we try and retain a sense of balance, and provide more creative and original artistic work than self-promotion… trying not to be outrageous and hypocritical for the sake of headlines.

Of course, on the other side of the spectrum there are probably many academics who are more expert on politics and current affairs than we are, and that maybe don’t have the same kind of public voice.

So, like our place in creation, and the recent Strongbow advert, we are not bitter or sweet: we are probably somewhere in the middle, more expert than some of the celebrities, and less expert than some of the hidden academic voices.

Hopefully you’ll continue finding us of interest, and keep reading our middle-of-the-roadish-On-The-Road-originally-inspired writing and poetry, while marvelling at all the great greenYgrey we find!

Mirror Poem on Taking Time to Reflect

Call us old-fashioned, but we think it’s nice to take time out to think and reflect. That’s probably down to psychology as much as age though, and we understand some people have a personality where they always want to be with people and doing things.

We’re not (were we are!) saying one personality or age is better than another, with the greenYgrey difference partly about taking other views into consideration.

There is always nostalgia for older ways and media. The age of my poetic inspiration William Wordsworth when books were the premium media was different to the radio age, and that was different to the television age; and the new media age is different to them all.

There are pros and cons to all, and it’s a matter of using what you want and need when you can; but I think it’s most vital to have the ability to understand and evaluate the information provided.

All the political opinionsters from both the right and left extremes speak some truth and provide some useful information, but it’s the way they spin it and what they omit that is often the most vital factors to know.

I was lucky enough to have a long education, and know it’s not possible for everyone, but we’ll continue trying to pass as much as possible on to you through this website, and others, as well as our books of course… trying to keep it interesting while not asking you to pay lots of money to a corporate publisher to join an anti-capitalist revolution!

Reflection 31 reflected As each second of the present passes… which was posted on fmpoetry.wordpress.com in April 2012, around the time 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections was published, and included the cover photo on the blog.

Reflection 31

Living the life extraordinary
is of course not as easy
as surviving the life ordinary
in mind as in body
to accomplish
tremendous feats
you must overcome
temptation to weaken
tire or tweet.
You must raise your game
in body, mind and spirit
and tame those thoughts
which would lead you astray
and one day you will make
it to a brighter day.

Smashwords cover