X Files Update and Landscape Photos of Year

It was a thrilling day in the greenYgrey world yesterday, as we received the first our Andy Warhol postcard for nearly a year, when he was in an undisclosed location, and the first since the greenYgrey left to search for him.

X Files Parody Comedy Update

Moreover, Andy Wolfhol seems to be in Lithuania, just over the border from where the greenYgrey, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno and Love the mixed-up Vole are, and if my calculations are right our travelling trio are due in Lithuania very soon.

With Chapter 2 limited to 25 episodes in line with the second X Files series, and the greenYgrey and Love having spent six episodes in Estonia, and seven in large and long Finland, I calculate that the greenygrey will spend six episodes in each of Latvia and Lithuania.

As they are already three episodes into Latvia, they should be in Lithuania after another three episodes. I just hope our Andy Warhol is still there…

Landscape Photographer of the Year

Hi, it’s Baron Werewolfman, head honcho of greenYgrey creation in the absence of the aforementioned Andy Wolfhol, after being promoted from our Warhol’s apprentice.

It was quite appropriate that we should hear from ol’ Wolfhol this week, as I’ve been preparing a great greenYgrey collage from the Landscape of the Year U.K. photo awards.

The report on MSN news looked greenYgrey great from the cover:

 Landscape Photos

The greenYgrey greatness continued inside, with over half the eleven photos showing Blighty looking brighty including varying amounts of greenYgreyness: