Comedy Fantasy Poem Latvia On The Road America

Hi, first of all, sorry about the little historical blunder yesterday. World War One did of course start 100 years ago this year, not end; our history expert Tony Loboinson, inspired by Tony Robinson, wasn’t available yesterday, as it was all hands to the pumps in the greenYgrey world, as we had a glut of new XaW Files from greenYgrey in Latvia. So we thought it was about time we released another one to you, our dear readers.

On The Road with Jack Kerouac’s Legacy

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetry travel writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary travelling poet novelist Jack Kerouac.

By the way, I was thrilled to watch the movie adaptation of Keroauc’s On The Road book for the first time this week, after it was on Blighty’s Channel Four. I am too old to relate to a lot of it now, and too weary of modern life to support its unethical aspects, but still appreciated the desire to travel and write shown in the movie, as well as the wonder of the open road it captured.

What you are reading now started with those cross-country frenetic road trips across America, and although we don’t particularly recommend you do it like they did, unless you’re a-were of the difficulties and risks, and are willing to take them, we do still value travel and writing… and where they join in inspiring independent thinking and reflection.

Anybody who tries to over-estimate their inspiration for this writing is stealing from the Kerouac legacy, and those who came after him and before Marc Latham started writing in the 1980s.

They are also robbing from Marc Latham’s muse, what he considers the highest part of his mind; somewhere he often has to struggle to reach, or wait for it to contact him; which is best seen to those outside his head in these words.

Of course, for those who interpret Beat culture at its most basic negative level (Russell Brand?), stealing and robbing ideas and credit with the excuse of liberating it to a wider audience might be justified (by them)… except they’re often hypocritical in holding on to their egos, negative traits and possessions!

X Files Parody Comedy Fantasy Poetry

Anyway, back to the positives, and escape into the comedy fantasy travel world the greenYgrey has once again found itself in. Returning to travel, it was time for greenYgrey to fly the corn crake crex crex coop in the next XaW File of our serialising them hot off the press…

Chapter 2 Episode 16

Latvian Lullaby Bye-Bye

She brought us up well
simple to complex cell
cheese to corn crake
triplets to one make
prokaryotic to eukaryotic
without need for antibiotic
from complete caraway
to inchoate caracara one day
mutating to crex crex next week
felt ancestry of T. Rex tweak
Ma corn crake thanks very much
MaC4 I promise to keep in touch
but now it has become time to fly
now now mom please don’t cry
you brought up your triplets
from simple dairy ingredients
now we’re a fully grown bird
no room in the nest for another word
time to end this twenty-line poem
got a Euro ramble to keep going.


There was a rock band formed in 1965 called MC5.
Brian Cox had recently explained how life on Earth developed from single cells to complex multi cells, prokaryotic to eukaryotic, on The Human Universe, part 2.
T. Rex was a dinosaur and rock band formed in 1967.
Inchoate means in the early stages, incomplete; and was our newish word of the day.