Brazil Grand Prix and English Footie Satirical Comedy Sports Report

Encore, encore
the greenYgrey editors
heard you roar
so here I am
back for more…

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

Yes, after a few weeks off, I’m back within a few days, such is the unpredictable and topsy turvy world of greenYgrey. I was reminded of the ‘topsy turvy’ phrase, and how greenYgrey it is, after seeing this image posted on google+ by Maria del Carmen Martin:

Universo Paralelo combines greenYgrey colours and worldview in the image, and the title is also in line with our greenYgrey world parallel universe.

Brazil Grand Prix Another Double Win for Team GG

Team GG felt right at home at the Interlagos Sao Paulo Brazil Grand Prix, as the track was like a sea of green, grey and yellow:

do Senna de Interlagos – Crédito: Divulgação

So it was no surprise that it was another 1-2 for Team GG/Mercedes, with the only little surprise being that Rosberg ended Hamilton’s winning streak by taking first place:

Rosberg celebrated with a gYgboo x2 on the podium, doing a personal gYgboo backed up by the greenYgrey wall. Hamilton opted for a more subdued double one-armed gYgboo.

First runner up Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain, winner Mercedes Formula One driver Nico Rosberg of Germany and second runner up Williams Formula One driver Felipe Massa of Brazil react during the podium ceremony after the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo November 9, 2014

Hamilton was probably already thinking about the last Grand Prix in a fortnight, with the drivers’ championship title a Team GG/Mercedes shoot-out between him and Rosberg.  Hamilton only needs to finish in the top two to secure the world title.

Robert Green and Joe Hart greenYgrey Goalie Shoot-Out

Talking of 2s and greenYgrey shoot-outs, remembering the 2 was a very important number in the greenYgrey world before its gYg rebranding made 3 more important, two greats of greenYgrey goalkeeping met at Loftus Road on Saturday night.

Uneagle-eyed greenYgrey footie fans might have wondered who was who, as original greenYgrey goalie Rob Green of Q.P.R. was back in a green greenYgrey goalie shirt reminiscent of his days winning promotion with West Ham, but with Joe Hart most famously wearing that kind of green greenYgrey goalie shirt this year in the EPL.

Meanwhile, Hart was wearing a yellow greenYgrey goalie kit more in line with the greenYgrey rebranding… and in line with the Tour de France leader’s shirt colour that inspired the international greenYgrey shirt worn this year by Julio Cesar and Manuel Neuer.

In our last international football blog on the subject Wojciech Szczesny took the lead from Neuer, with Joe Hart said to be leading the chasing pack. Looks like Hart has now gone full circle, and taken on the Tour de France leader’s colours!

Match of the Day Analysis

The match ended 2-2, with both goalies playing well, and not at fault for the goals. In fact, Hart excelled, and this was noticed by the Match of the Day analysts.

Phil Neville hypothesised that Hart’s improved form this season is because Manchester City bought Caballero in the summer, and Hart has been spurred on by the competition.

I won’t disagree with Neville, but also satirically think that becoming the top greenYgrey goalie has been at least as crucial.

Boomeranging Goalies

If the above wasn’t confusing and greenYgreytastic enough, Green (Rob, not our Green) only went and started boomeranging!

I thought that might have brought Green closer to Hart in the greenYgrey goalie stakes this season, but then found this double gYgboo by Hart using both sides of his body, kit and ball in a previous game v Q.P.R.

While there have been several examples of double gYgboos using colours, this is the first recorded one using both sides of the body!

Newcastle Outfield Kit Flirting with greenYgrey

We haven’t forgotten last year’s leading EPL greenYgreying goalie Tim Krul of Newcastle… well, we were trying to when Newcastle were losing all the time!

But Newcastle’s form has now improved and Krul kept another clean sheet in the 2-0 win at West Brom yesterday. Krul was wearing his yellowYorange away kit:

Newcastle were wearing their away kit, which is a really nice design… and almost greenYgrey.


Puma Newcastle United Third Shirt 2014 2015

In fact, from afar it looks greenYgrey, but the almost dark grey is described on their website as navy, so it could not be declared greenygrey by the greenYgrey quality control board.

Boring board you may say, but rules are rules!