Mirror Poetry More Anonymous than Russell Brand

With the greenYgrey world focusing on the utterly captivating story unfolding around Europe told in the X Files comedy parody mystery, and the growing amount of new poetry that it is spawning, fans of our ol’ writer friend Marc Latham might be forgiven for thinking we’ve forgotten all about him… he seems more and more anonymous in the greenYgrey world… the real anonymous?!…

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hypocrite capitalist?!…

Russell Brand not Anonymous at Violent Demo

Millionaire Russell Brand proclaims his revolution is one of peace and love, and the Anonymous protestors pride themselves on anonymity and anti-capitalism, so it seemed  a bit hypocritical seeing maskless Russell Brand attending an Anonymous demo that turned violent in London on Bonfire Night… just as his new book is published by a big corporate publisher!

The worst case of capitalism and ‘Establishment conspiracy’ in modern Britain has been child-grooming and people-trafficking (basically slavery), but Russell Brand and Anonymous seemed to have missed them, as they covered up groups of people and types of ‘anarchic culture’ that they usually support.

They also tend to support or mitigate I.S. despite that group openly practising propaganda, brainwashing and barbarity that anti-capitalists are apparently trying to uncover in the West; as well as people like Morrissey supporting any other corrupt and tyrannical foreign government as long as they’re opposed to Britain and the West.

While we agree with them highlighting elite hypocrisy in the West, we think they cross the line of appropriate behaviour when they support groups, countries or cultures that are worse. This is in line with Marc Latham’s Bridge on the River Kwai syndrome theory.

Love is More at the Forefront of Evolution than Revolution

Hi, it’s William Werewolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

Seeing the abundant nature in Russia and the Baltic States makes us wonder if they have preserved their animal life better than the U.K. because they have a better political/religious system, with more socialism and preserved paganism?

However, in the U.K. the Queen has recently planted new forests, while many socialists are calling for unlimited immigration, which will obviously result in more concrete and less wildlife… and the need for more energy… which makes fracking more necessary… as the socialists don’t want to deal with unethical foreign regimes…

These are the kinds of questions and (greeny)grey areas that bog down democratic politics, and make it boring and complex to the casual viewer, making it seem as if nothing changes: too muddy and formal for young people who want action now, in line with what they want… without too much consideration for the centuries-old admittedly-flawed democratic process it seems… the majority of people want capital punishment returned… which used to be considered right-wing, but now that I.S. and similar groups are doing it maybe Russell Brand and Anonymous support it?

The greenYgrey doesn’t claim to be at the heart of democracy, more at the arse end of democracY.

Joey Barton and Russell Brand

I remember footballer Joey Barton’s Question Time appearance. Not for Barton’s adequate but flawed display, but for a politics student in the audience. The student said most people find politics boring because they don’t understand it, and I agree with him.

I find politics boring too, apart from the exciting, funny and headline stuff. I’m interested in environmental matters, but I find the technology of it boring. Having studied for a long time, I know that even the most interesting topics can become boring once you get into the detail, the nitty gritty, the small print.

Russell Brand has also been on Question Time, as well as Match of the Day (once in the studio, where he seemed to be putting tweeting before his studio hosts for public relations purposes to me; and recently hijacking his club’s manager’s interview, while taking a break from corporate hospitality!).

In the former he was mostly trying to make jokes about issues he didn’t understand from what I remember. It made quite good television, and maybe it’s useful for creating discussion or bringing a politician down a peg or two, but it didn’t look as if Brand knew enough about politics to be a good politician… admittedly, few people do look like they can make a good politician… although people like Anonymous often seem to want ‘colourful’ politicians like Brand and Boris Johnson (not for his political views).

Politics should be about people who work hard and get to know the issues the most… although Tony Blair was like the joker and Gordon Brown the reader, and neither really worked!

Between Left and Right

I suppose the same criticisms can be aimed at Nigel Farage and UKIP, who have also rode a wave of populism without having a detailed manifesto; at least at the start anyway, I don’t know about now.

What Russell Brand and Anonymous don’t seem to realise, or admit, or refuse to take on, is that New Labour revolutionised Britain in 1997, and the ordinary British people think they have been the victims of open borders immigration since… as well as being suppressed from criticising it through political correctness and multicultural fascism… the kind of Establishment pressure that helped the child-grooming gangs brainwash vulnerable British children for the whole of the New Labour government.

The majority of British people are sick of that kind of media bias and capitalism, but it’s a different side to Britain, a different political revolution, or counter-revolution, from how Russell Brand and Anonymous view their twenty-first century country, which they seem to want to forever weaken for an Islamist takeover.

Reservoir and River Theory

At the greenYgrey we’re not anti-capitalist or anti-immigrant: we’re against the all-consuming mass development where they meet; where we think the biggest conspiracy has been over the last twenty years.

Capitalism had been a part of Britain since civilisation started, with trade among the first tribes of the new post-Ice Age island, and with other civilisations in what is now Ireland and Europe, and down around the sea we know as the Mediterranean.

I believe in evolution theory; that humanity originated in Africa; but also believe in recent and ongoing scientific discoveries and theories that show distinct identities developing in Britain and Europe over tens of thousands of years.

While Russell Brand and Anonymous criticise government, I presume they won’t have minded too much that the immigration service was apparently in disarray for most of the last twenty years.

At the greenYgrey we believe in a fair and functioning immigration service, mostly for the benefit and safety of the resident British population, but also for those who want to honestly migrate and visit for recreational purposes.

The hidden victims of dishonest immigration are the people who can’t get visas to visit because their compatriots have abused the system.

We therefore think that instead of New Labour’s stormy seas country, Britain should be more like a reservoir: calm with some controlled flow… developed from our previous lake theory, which on second thoughts we thought sounded too closed and isolated.

Mirror Poem Reflection 

Anyway, I have indulgently digressed, and I would forgive you for thinking I’d been hijacked by our social conscience correspondent at the greenYgrey Grey Greyvara. While Anonymous might wonder why, Cuba was a patriotic people’s revolution, and it now has strict controls on immigration, and a solid visa system… as well as great gender equality!

Here’s Reflection 30, which mirrored Space Brain Becoming Plain. They don’t have much to do with my elongated introduction, but are about one of the best parts of modernity: how science is expanding our knowledge about how our inner bodies and outer universe works… it has something to do with my introduction in as much as some people choose to ignore it all, either for religious reasons or because they consider it all a conspiracy!… maybe some of it is, for that is the greenYgrey, although I think only a small part is, and most of that is necessary for security reasons… do I.S. tell the world everything?

Reflection 30

The poem was inspired by images of the universe and a scanned brain that looked similarly oblong.

A clear night sky from a dark viewing point is an incredible sight, but it is only what our eyes and brains can manage to see. Telescopes show the connectivity and immensity beyond our Earth view.

Human brains use complex systems to keep us functioning, but we can’t see how it is done, as our eyes see outwards. Scanning equipment shows the connectivity and immensity on the inside.

Capitalism for the Consumer 

Here’s  the kind of capitalism we like!:

You can buy Marc Latham’s original poetry and philosophy book for £2.84 or Kindle copy for 97p at Amazon.co.uk, at prices set by him, which is a third of the price of Brand’s anti-capitalist rehashed philosophy book published by a corporate publisher, and about 1/7th the kindle price!!

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