Estonia to Latvia Fantasy Travel Shapeshifting Poems

It seems as if the Finnish dream has finished, and the XaW Files travel questers have left Estonia for its southern Baltic Sea state neighbour Latvia. Moreover, it seems as if both Love the mixed-up vole and the greenYgrey have shapeshifted into other forms, with Love now in control,
although no longer a vole!


I think the files might have got mixed up (like Love) while importing into the greenygrey world, with weird goings on probably to be expected from the parallel universe X Files parody world they have come from. Sorry if you read the next one before this one, as we have a few in an interstellar traffic jam waiting to enter the greenygrey world…

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling, and here’s the latest thrilling prose – poetry chapter – episode of the thrilling X Files parody comedy fantasy ramble across all regions of Eurasia:

Chapter 2 Episode 14

To Live and Dye in La(tvia)

I felt awake, but I couldn’t see anything. It was Pitch Black, like in that Vin Diesel film; as if I was still sleeping, but with Finland’s Northern Lights now switched off.

I tried to talk, but I couldn’t say anything either.

I tried to move, but couldn’t really. However, I did feel some internal chemical reactions, and thought I was creating a bit of a stink.

Time passed in darkness, but then there seemed to be more light above, and the next thing I heard was my travel buddy Love the mixed-up vole.

It said, ‘Hi greenYgrey, you smell awake. You’re looking fine. A little off-colour, all yellow now, and ponging my bag out more and more, but you’re maturing well.’

Estonia to Latvia Poem

Love continued,
‘We thought you wouldn’t remember much
when you first regained consciousness,
so we created this poem to explain everything
knowing that becoming a cheese would create a wing
and a prayer situation for you in Love’s clutches
still with some senses but relying on my security watches
shapeshifting to a dairy product was a risky procedure
complicated by added caraways to pro-seed-yer
here’s a poem trying to explain what you said to me
after finishing your Finnish dream in Mustvee’:

Carry me faraway
as a cheesy caraway
take me to Latvia
to meet our Stella
I know fashionable Riga
will be in-ter-stellar
big movie releases
remembering meeces
Pixie and Dixie mice
Mr. Jinx makes characters thrice
I’ll be a big cheese
Love be a mouse please
mixed-up I know you already are
but I’m not asking for a tarantula
at least it’s in your rodent family
it would be little more than a formality
I just have a weird feeling
maybe it’s all this deep dreaming
but to see the wood for the trees
in Latvia’s impressive forestries
a mouse with cheese looks natural
and I’m not feeling particularly special.


To Live and Dye in La(tvia) is a play on the 1985 movie To Live and Die in LA.
Pitch Black
is a 2000 film starring Vin Diesel.
Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that featured as a regular segment of the television series The Huckleberry Hound Show from 1958 to 1961.
Interstellar is a new movie in November, 2014.


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