No Fashion Faux-Pas for greenYgrey Wearers (not Werers!)

greenYgrey fashion scored a hat-trick of hits from Nick Ede on MSN Lifestyle this week.

The bad news is that they were only three of seventeen outfits judged, but the good news is that means there were no misses, meaning Team greenYgrey fashion also kept a clean sheet.

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, satirical comedy fashionisto supremo at the greenYgrey inspired by fashion legend Paco Rabanne in the absence of Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, who is believed to be in Riga, Latvia according to a recent XaW File.

By the way, the headline refers to green, grey and yellow clothes, rather than greenYgrey werewolves. We appreciate people thinking were fashionable, and don’t want you to get the impression that were implying that the A-listers below are actual werewolves.

Heidi Klum Fashion Set

Heidi Klum looks like she is in the greenYgrey world, or at least a film set for a movie about the greenYgrey world, in this photo. There’s greenYgrey plants and a tree shining in the sun behind her, and then there’s a green field and grey building in the background beyond a yellowygreen roof that just doesn’t look real. Only in Hollywood… if that’s where she is!

J-Lo Legendary greenYgreyer

Jennifer Lopez is already a greenYgreying legend, and kept up the great work in this outfit:

Reese Witherspoon Looks Legally greenYgrey

Legally Blonde was one of Reese Witherspoon’s biggest movies, fighting blondist prejudice, and Walk the Line was another. They are the first two movies cited on her IMDB bio.

Yes, you may have guessed, here Reese elegantly walks the line looking legally greenYgrey!