Love’s Re-vole-ution Civil War with Russell Brand’s Revolution

The only revolution at the greenYgrey is when Love the mixed-up vole shapeshifts back to being a vole (re-vole-ution) from being something else. The greenYgrey believes in evolution rather than revolution, and tries to do its bit in keeping Blighty on the best path possible towards a free and equal society for humans and a clean healthy environment for all life. We hope the same for the world, but don’t think we can have that much influence! Bank_vole

Hi, it’s Mary Werewolfstonecraft, philosophy correspondent at the Greenygrey, inspired by original liberal feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.

Russell Brand’s Revolution

Russell Brand’s new book Revolution provided the idea for the opening paragraph, with the ‘evol’ of R-evol-ution emphasised backwards as love.

No doubt it will sell well, although it is unlikely to be revolutionary for the masses. It might be revolutionary for some people who are new to politics or philosophy, making them view the world differently, but Brand admits in his book that none of the best philosophy is his.

Brand is a vegan and a sometimes funny sharp comedian, which I respect, who sometimes observes the hypocrisies of mainstream society well, but he is no politics or philosophy expert, and often appears a hypocrite himself.

Russell Brand’s Capitalist Fakeness

Russell Brand’s preaching anti-capitalist revolution to the masses while he is a millionaire himself, and Revolution is published by Penguin, one of the largest corporate publishers in the world.

I remember Brand saying you should go out and steal his work. If he really thinks that then why doesn’t he just self-publish it and put it out for free?

He doesn’t seem to care about the people who could get into trouble shoplifting, or the workers in the store who could lose their job if sales are down; or could be suspected of stealing the books themselves.

Like with a lot of Brand’s Revolution it seems to be more about causing trouble than thinking up real solutions to the world’s problems.

Russell Brand’s Wayward War

Brand also preaches peace in the U.K. and ‘West’, which he seems to think are the warmongers.

The U.K. is pretty much at peace, and it and the U.S.A. are trying to keep out of wars as much as possible. They have reluctantly joined the war against I.S. after the human rights abuses were becoming too much.

If Brand believes in peace so much maybe he should go over to the Middle-East and preach to I.S. instead of doing it in places that are peaceful, and have proper human rights laws.

Left-liberal conspiracy theorist might also question why corporate Capitalist book-publishers and media seem all too willing to publish ‘revolutionary’ comedian Russell, while they have been much less open to the work of politics and the media expert Dr. Marc Latham.

Smashwords cover






Russell Brand’s Love Revolution

With child abuse scandals and sexual disease epidemics apparently rife in the U.K. Brand seems to think (well, write anyway, I doubt he really believes it himself) that rehashing some kind of 1960s world with young people making love in his image is going to save society in his revolution.

While Russell Brand and Marc Latham are both Kerouac’s children, I think Latham is more in line with what Kerouac hoped for when he inspired the Beat counter-culture in the 1950s, while Brand is more like the 1960s that disillusioned Kerouac.

Latham is about ten years older than Brand, so maybe Brand will be mentally where Latham is in ten years?

While it is healthy for a democracy to have different points of view in the media, Brand doesn’t seem to have the philosophical or political insight to be taken seriously, and doesn’t even take the effort to revolutionise himself to be a better revolutionary leader… just appearing hypocritical and selfish to all but his fans… who usually share his utopian world view, without having taken the time to digest the realities of humanity and the attitude of other warring cultures… or ever read a serious political paper (and I mean a 5000-words dossier giving multiple arguments and possibilities rather than The Times!).

I’m sorry if I sound arrogant there, but Brand’s love revolution is so weak it’s dangerous.

Love and God didn’t help the people slaughtered by I.S. in the Middle-East, and groomed in Britain, and it sure as hell won’t help the poor afford Brand’s book!

Wildlife crossing to prevent road deaths.


Russell Brand and Marc Latham seem to have been living parallel lives in some ways over the last seven  years, with Brand’s Bookywooky (My Booky Wook) emerging about the same time as the Greenygrey, and now Love the mixed-up vole and R-evol-ution emerging in the same year.

Brand his been in the game much longer than Latham, and I respect Brand for what he has achieved, and like some of his views, but think Latham’s books and philosophy are more original and focused than Brand’s, and perhaps more entertaining… but then again, I am a tad biased.

If you want something truly (r)evolutionary and useful for brightening Blighty and saving life, although it won’t be as entertaining light reading,  I’d recommend George Monbiot’s Feral about rewilding although I haven’t read it yet.

And looking at his website bio, Monbiot has impressively actually been out in the world risking his life trying to do something about injustice, rather than preaching to the converted like Brand, who prefers pulling media stunts in the relatively safe ‘West’ while living a life of self-indulgent luxury from Capitalism’s rewards.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.