Russell Brand Old Propaganda Model Ruse News

Russell Brand has apparently been saying that if you want to be taken seriously you need to read Noam Chomsky, and is always going on about resisting propaganda.

Either he doesn’t know much about propaganda, or he’s hiding it from you, because any persuasive communication is propaganda, and that includes this blog and Brand’s Trews ruse!

Noam Chomsky Propaganda Model Old News Ruse

Russell Brand calls his middle-aged-man-topless-in-a-luxury-bedroom-Revolution YouTube channel the Trews, suggesting everything he says is true news.

I think he should rename it the Rews, combining the first initial of his name with news, providing the homonymish rews-ruse rather than trews-true news.

I thought of that while watching a Timewatch documentary about fairground history. It showed how in the old days a showman used to entice potential customers with a slick spiel and artistic licence about what was actually inside the tent: a talking fish was a seal etc.

I think Brand’s videos are more ruse because there’s hardly any news in Brand’s videos, just opinion and constant requests to subscribe and buy his book; and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model was formulated in the Cold War, and largely discounted in academia by the twenty-first century.

Chomsky is a brilliant linguist and scholar, but he was also very biased, as Brand is, and as there are also right-wing scholars and comedians who are also biased. None of them speak ‘the truth’, they just give their opinions.

Academics base their opinions on learning and research, while the modern political opinionsters like Katie Hopkins and Russell Brand just seem to make it up as they go along, based on a little reading and what they think will get them publicity and sales.

A Real Propaganda Model

Britain is supposed to be at war with I.S. at the moment, but there is hardly any news about it in the British media. In fact, the international news coverage was dominated by Ferguson, Missouri this week, which was negative for our American allies.

It got more news coverage than I.S. allies Al-Shabab killing 28 innocent Kenyan bus passengers last weekend, singling out those who could not recite passages of the Koran.

Bollywood actress Veena Malik being sentenced to 26 years for blaspheming while filming an ‘Islamic wedding’ hasn’t even made it into the news.

A 15-strong Somali child-grooming gang in Bristol only had a little mention at the end of the news.

A news media in line with a propaganda model would be more like the I.S. videos, constant Katie Hopkins, or the JihadWatch website.

While you could create a website or media channel filled with negative news about any religion, country or culture, the JihadWatch website shows just some of the stories about Islam that don’t even get a mention on British mainstream news: which Brand claims is a propaganda machine.

Academic Discounting of the Propaganda Model

Marc Latham discounted the Propaganda Model in his thesis on the British Kosovo War media coverage, when Britain bombed their World War Two allies and fellow Christians Serbs to help the Muslim ethnic-Albanians, who had sided with the Nazis in World War Two.

While it is not as exciting or entertaining as Brand’s rews-ruse, it is undoubtedly better researched and argued; that’s because it contains greenYgreyesque multiple differences of opinions, rather than just one narcissist: Brand.

Marc Latham went into his thesis with a critical socialist viewpoint, and wanted to find a Propaganda Model, but he didn’t, and that’s what he wrote.

He found the British media more Islamalovable than Islamaphobic, but British academia didn’t want to hear that!

7.1.1. The Propaganda Model

Although Herman and Chomsky’s propaganda model was initiated before the end of the Cold War, they did recently defend its premises in a Political Communication debate with the Langs. However, the results of this study are often at odds with Herman and Chomsky’s expectations under the propaganda model, and their predictions of what the news content would be were often found to be inaccurate.

For example, Herman and Chomsky wrote: ‘Using a propaganda model…we would also expect the news stories about worthy and unworthy victims (or enemy and friendly states) to differ in quality. That is, we would expect official sources of the United States and its client states to be used heavily – and uncritically – in connection with one’s own abuses and those of friendly governments, while refugees and other dissident sources will be used in dealing with enemies.’

The results showed that although the ethnic-Albanian civilians did get much more coverage than the Serb civilians; the Serb civilians did receive a qualitatively similar coverage, with regular articles emphasising their suffering under the Nato bombing campaign. The reporting of the Nato collateral damage also usually led with reports from sources at the scene, the local media or Yugoslav official sources. Moreover, while Nato official sources were used heavily to explain their collateral damage incidents, they were also criticised heavily most of the time.

Herman and Chomsky also expected that the media would accept ‘one’s own state’ tells the truth; but the discussion section showed the media openly commented on the ‘propaganda’ being released by Nato in a two-way propaganda battle, and warned it was often unverified. Herman and Chomsky also: ‘expect great investigatory zeal in the search for enemy villainy…but diminished enterprise in examining such matters in connection with one’s own and friendly states;’ but the results and discussion section showed the media spent as much time investigating the Nato collateral damage incidents as the reports of Serb war crimes, and this was especially true of the NYT after the Chinese embassy bombing. Although reports of Serb war crimes initially seemed to be judged very newsworthy by most media sources, they soon faded off the front pages as the campaign wore on, and the reports became repetitive.

Herman and Chomsky also expected the ‘quality of coverage should also be displayed more directly and crudely in placement, headlining, word usage, and other modes of mobilising interest and outrage. In the opinion columns, we would anticipate sharp restraints on the range of opinion allowed expression;’ however, the results and discussion sections showed that loaded words critical of the Nato campaign were often used in headlines on the front pages, while the opinion columns were often more negative towards Nato than positive.

Herman and Chomsky seem to have failed to observe the changes in the American media since Korea, as most other American media analysts have, and noticed there is enough criticism of the Administration, and questioning of their information, to make propaganda an inaccurate description of the news content.

Philip Hammond also argued that the humanitarian dimension to Nato’s Kosovo campaign meant the left-wing media in the UK had relinquished their role as watchdogs, and so the British media during the Kosovo conflict was basically a propaganda arm of Nato.

Firstly, although the left-wing British media did support the Nato campaign, they also supported British military involvement in the Falklands and Gulf wars, so there is not as much of a historical change in the media coverage as Hammond tries to make out. Moreover, this study found there was quite a high level of criticism of the Nato campaign in the British media, and therefore it was not in line with the propaganda model. Although the humanitarian dimension to the war did make the left-wing media desperate for a Nato victory, it also made it highly critical of the Nato policy of only flying above 15,000 feet, as it felt it was doing little to ease the humanitarian crisis for much of the campaign, and was also causing civilian casualties.

Far from being propagandistic towards Nato, the media’s coverage of Nato bombs going astray and causing civilian casualties was prominent and consistent, and this led to complaints about the media coverage by New Labour leaders.

Our Jack Kerouac On The Road to X Files Ogre Latvia Episode

A Saint-Malo to Mont-Saint-Michel, Brittany and Normandy, France travel article remembering the D-Day landings in their seventieth anniversary year by Marc Latham is now up on Go Nomad. It has a sacrifice theme inspired by this video’s contents:

On The Road to the X Files

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, satirical comedy travel poetry novel writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary poet novelist traveller Jack Kerouac.

I’ve got another chapter of the XaW Files mixing poetry and prose for you today. Having flown the corn crake nest in the last episode, this episode finds greenYgrey looking for Love over Ogre; that’s our Love the mixed-up Vole, and the town in Latvia called Ogre.

This is my last introduction here on this blog, for a while at least, because I have volunteered to head out On The Road to Lithuania to look for our A.W.O.L. Andy Wolfhol, after he sent a postcard from there recently.

I might see greenYgrey and Love on the way in Latvia.. and maybe even Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, as it seems they’re getting closer to their rendezvous in this file? Au revoir, toodle pip…

Chapter 2 Episode 18 Discussões → Geography Alphabet Game (Now with map!) :O

I saw what looked like a landing site,
greenYgrey upside down Y shining bright,
only the Ogre name sounded ominous,
then I thought it’s the same for werewolves like us,
so I descended a little lower,
and saw no monster’s glower,
only Love waving on the ground,
guiding me down safe n’ sound,
Riga didn’t look far away,
so I thought we might see Stella later that day.

Finding Love Again

Love was back in its usual vole form, and it was great to see it looking well… mixed up. I shapeshifted from young corn crake to my ol’ werewolf self before telling Love my MaC4 story, which you already know (or you haven’t read recent episodes yet!).

Love thought for a minute, before asking:
‘how I’d come to terms
to living amongst worms:
being brought up again?’
I said I’d felt nine out of ten
embracing ebullience
to escape significance
it’s easier to laugh and smile
than to think all the time
MaC4 helped us bond together
and now we’re closer than ever.’

Love’s Story

I asked Love what it had been doing, and how it had made its way to Ogre. It told me its story, which I’m pretty sure you don’t know yet, so I will now recount it.

Love said it felt lost when it saw me get carried away by the corn crake (crex crex). It had wished for the ‘wings of a dove’ out loud, as I’d heard. It said that in its shock at my abduction it had forgotten its ability to shapeshift, only realising later that it could indeed have tried to become a dove.

I told Love that its slow reaction was understandable under the surprising circumstances, and a dove would anyway have been a difficult manoeuvre for a vole inexperienced in shapeshifting.

Love seemed reassured, and said it had been feeling tired from changing into a mouse and crossing borders. It said that it followed my flight path until I went out of sight, and then walked that way west.

It didn’t find any sign of me, and as darkness fell, it found itself on the edge of Ogre. It didn’t think its mouse form had worked, so it shapeshifted back to being a vole.

Love said he was warmly welcomed by very stylish Ogre ogres who looked confident in themselves and not at all angry or lascivious. They had provided a bed and he’d slept with volitious vervour.

Love’s Poem

The morning roared awake
first frost’s sleep it did break
but too late to stop cats’ eyes
witness chimney smoke rise
joining newly arrived cloud
Love said it did think aloud
how the world goes around
before returning to sleep sound.

Love’s Story II 101_3105

Love apologised for that artistic license, and assured me the best part of the story was yet to come. I was all ears… metaphorically speaking.

When it went downstairs there was a toad-in-a-hole-fit-for-a-veggie-vole breakfast waiting for it, and it soon continued its conversation with the ogres.

After telling them of our latent Latvian rendezvous with Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, Love said it nearly choked on its veggie sausage when the ogres said she had visited Ogre.

Moreover, they said that although the human town of Ogre was already a beautiful place, the ogre Ogre parallel universe had been a troubled town before Stella gave it a makeover, and transformed it into the happy homely hamlet whose hospitality it found hard to handle… under the circumstances.

I requited Love’s feelings, saying I had felt the same way with MaC4.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Mirror Poem Bipolar Love Drug Brain Reflections

There’s an old saying in the greenYgrey world, that is another one inspired by that old idiom about what is good for the goose is good for the gander. It goes something like What’s good for the Statham is good for the Latham. Yes, hasn’t forty-something Jason done well with twenty-something Rosie Huntington-Whitely. She probably thinks the same about him though, and we wish them all the best at the greenYgrey.

Love in the Brain

Hi, it’s William Werewolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

No, we haven’t got Love on the brain, because our Love the mixed-up Vole is in the Baltic states at the moment, with the greenygrey, loving being a part of the third and final fantasy ramble using Google Maps.

It’s just that the striatum love part of the brain was the subject of Marc Latham’s Blue Skies, Delta Blues 2012 poem, and it’s time for its reflection in 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections to be serialised here below.

That reflection 32 is basically just an explanation of the mirror poem it appears with, so I thought I’d double it up with the next reflection, which is quite small, but contrasts with its longer predecessor by having a little philosophy to it. Reflection 33 reflected 2011 poem Hope for Humanity or Full Speed to Calamity?

Reflection 32

The poem was inspired by research finding that the human desire for love and drugs are both linked to the striatum part of the brain.
Like many Folding Mirrors, it combines the personal, social and wordplay. The words in the first half of the middle line; try, stray and from; derive from the main word of the second half of the line and poem: striatum.
It was thought that the poem was more psychological than social or literary, so it was included in this chapter.

Reference 33 

Bipolar highs take you out of your shell, but increase your chances of getting shot at.

Smashwords cover

Lewis Hamilton Wins Formula 1 Title Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton capped a fantastic Formula 1 season for himself, Mercedes, Team GB, and last but not least, our very own Team GG at the Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix season finale yesterday.

Hamilton Wins Title

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

Yes, Lewis Hamilton only needed to finish second at the Abu-Dhabi grand prix, and he won it. He became the first British double Formula 1 title holder since Jackie Stewart forty years ago.

Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix Comedy

His Mercedes/Team GG partner Nico Rosberg finished down the leader board, but was assured of second place for the season, giving us a 1-2 in the drivers’ championship to add to our constructors’ title.

I would like to take this moment to thank the Mercedes team for being great partners in the 2014 season:







Rolex Official Timekeepers

Just in time for the last Grand Prix, having been alerted by this very site’s last satirical comedy blog about adverts, I noticed that Rolex are sponsors and official timekeepers for Formula 1.






Driving Towards New Horizons?

Having achieved so much this season, Team GG has not decided whether to continue in Formula 1 next season. It may be time to look for new challenges, and especially as eco-cars are looking better all the time…

Satirical Comedy Adverts Report from Our Harry Hill

A new anthropomorphic star has emerged in the advertising world’s Christmas Countdown. Following on from Alexandr Orlov and the meerkats’ rapid rise to the top, this Christmas belongs to Monty the Adélie penguin.

John Lewis Advert Montymania

Moreover, the love for Monty; who reminds me of our Love the mixed-up vole, as Monty is looking for love; is being called Montymania, which is a greenYgreyism if I ever saw one.

The John Lewis advert CGI penguin is said to have created interest and finances for the endangered Antarctic bird, such as WWF sponsor a penguin, so it’s all great.

It’s another good example of companies helping charities and wildlife, as the greenYgrey set out to do seven years ago. Of course, we were only following other great adverts and animal media stars.

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, satirical comedy television correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Hill.

Fifty Fifty Slogan and Advert

Not quite on television, but very much in line with greenYgrey, Fifty Fifty post production house’s advertising slogan is that they ‘don’t do things by half’.

Screenshot (26)

I thought that was a bit like our greenYgrey; since our three-dimensional rebranding anyway. We used to do things by half back in the Green and Grey days.

Rolex Way is greenYgrey

I first noticed the Rolex watches advert for its greenYgrey colour, then saw its slogan was in line with us too, and that most of the advert’s words were too.

Look in all the dictionaries
there is no word for what we do…
(as we’ve often moaned, we still haven’t made it into a dictionary!)
there is no tradition
although our craft is timeless…
(greenYgrey still doesn’t know its origins, but thinks it’s been around a while)
This is the only thing we’ll make
this is the only thing we’ll ever make
innovation can only begin to describe it
(we only create writing, with adverts like this like the Rolex watches’ parts)
there is only a way
the Rolex way
(there is only a were, a greenYgrey were)

Halloween Poem Fantasy Travels to Love Meeting

With clearly big events in the human world and greenYgrey world, it’s meant there’s a backlog of files from that X Files twilight zone where the third and final poetry and prose fantasy ramble by Google Maps is taking place. This poem dates from the mildest Halloween in British history.

Halloween Written Poem

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetry and prose fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary poetry and prose novel writer Jack Kerouac.

The greenYgrey had found itself being brought up from caraway cheese to corn crake crex crex bird after being carried away faraway by a bird it got to know as MaC4.

This new poem also seems to reference its dream regression over the Finnish Northern Lights arc, and its planned meeting with our fashionista suprema Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno.

XaW Files Chapter 2 Episode 17

Hello Latvia Love

I flew like a bird
for I now was one
a mature cheese corn crake
flying while fully awake
into a sunrise reminding me
of morning on mildest Halloween
sunshine warmed my wings
brain said see what new day brings
I remembered the Finnish sunlight arc
our ol’ friend writer Marc
a date with our Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno
they say it’s not what you know
but who you know, and I know Love
I should be seeking like a treasure trove
however it was hard to decipher
a lovely mixed-up vole in Latvian nature
for there was so much to desire
sending me ever higher
heat warned me not to fly into the sun
like Icarus whose wings I heard burnt
so I swooped lower down to Latvia
seeing something look familiar
a vole I had known for some time
grey body with love mixed up shining lime
waving arms guided me down
I remembered the Love I’d been shown
months ago in the greenYgrey world
reminded by what that morning MaC4 told.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

The Pretty Reckless Join Rock n’ Roll gYg of Fame

The Pretty Reckless, Heaven’s Basement and Nothing More joined the greenYgrey Rock n’ Roll gYg of Fame last night with a rocking, warm, professional and entertaining night of excellent music at the Leeds O2 Academy.

The list has been updated and now reads:

The Pretty Reckless Tour

Nothing More only had a short time to make an impression, and certainly did that with some innovative instrument playing, bags of energy and good rock songs.

Heaven’s Basement were reminiscent of traditional 1980s rock bands, with the vocals of Aaron Buchanan particularly memorable. Sid Glover balanced Buchanan’s high energy with Slash-style rock star nonchalance, and some great guitar playing.

The Pretty Reckless were fantastic. The musicians mentioned in yesterday’s preview were great behind Taylor Momsen, with the guitar riffs that provide a rollercoaster for Momsen’s vocals all played perfectly, and the epic techno drum solo a nice encore surprise. Taylor was of course the star, with her sparkling outfit matching her voice, and her stage performance a mixture of hypnotic singer during songs and warm down-to-earth compere in-between.

Here’s House on a Hill as played last night at the Leeds o2 Academy, followed by a new video of it by The Pretty Reckless, which are both now on YouTube: