X Files Parody Reaches Episode Thirteen for Halloween

With twenty-five episodes in the second series of X Files I guess greenYgrey has passed the halfway point in the second chapter of the punky prose and poetry parody XaW Files fantasy travel ramble across all regions of Eurasia.

Finishing Finland

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetry travel writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary travelling poet novelist Jack Kerouac.

Yes, we’ve reached episode 13, funnily enough (not in a ha! ha! manner) for Halloween, in Chapter 2.

20141031095913It looks as if greenYgrey’s Finland dream has come to an end, and it has traced its time travelling from Saint Petersburg in Russia to Estonia, via the long Finnish countryside and Baltic Sea.

However, the X Files parody keeps the strange twists flowing, as it seems this file ends in Estonia’s southern neighbour Latvia… which looks like it has just as much wonderful wildlife and pristine nature as its northern neighbour…

XaW Files Chapter 2 Episode 13

I remembered awakening next
to the Baltic Sea in Sillamae
as my memory travelled further
back through Finland’s Siilinjarvi
vampire dogs barking
reminded me of Oz in Varkaus
via rejuvenating Jukajarvi
waters enjoyed in Juva house
Savonlinna was where
we began to Finnish
after leaving Saint Petersburg
in a timely minish
we’d flown over
Russia’s Lake Ladoga
the largest lake
in the whole of Europa
it must have been
what I could vaguely remember
seeing the shores
of Lake Peipsi in Estonia.

I heard a rooster crow
wondering where in my dream
seemed as if Love held me
sniffing morning smelling sunbeam
opening my eyes
I thought I must see
where I remembered
laying down in Mustvee
but the rooster was calling from
its identity as a male Rigan
thanking all the vegetarians
and especially those who are vegan.

Riga is the Baltic Sea capital
of Estonia’s neighbour Latvia
so I wondered if we had crossed
during my dream a southern border.

Thanks to the British Soldiers

Thanks to the British soldiers who served in Afghanistan, and suffered the horrors of war trying to create a better society for women and children… and fair-minded men.
Shame there were some who put patriarchal culture above human rights.
Good luck to the Afghan soldiers taking over their operations.