New Words of the Year 2014 by Collins Dictionary

After missing out on the Oxford Dictionary again this year it was double disappointment for the greenYgrey this week after we also missed out on the Collins Dictionary words of the year.

Words of the Year

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, satirical comedy word correspondent at the greenYgrey and Countdown to the Full Moon inspired by legendary word expert on Countdown Susie Dent.

The Telegraph reported the Collins Dictionary top five words/phrases of the year are bakeoff, tinder, devo max, normcore and photobomb. The latter was the word of the year.

There was a small consolation for greenygrey not being the word of the year, or even in the top five, when it was the chief colour composition of the most famous photobomb of the year, featuring Princess Kate the Great’s grandmother-in-law:

Commonwealth Games 2014: Day one live

Oldest Word

The Telegraph was interested and earnest enough to give backgrounds to the words, and I had mixed emotions (now I know how Love feels!: Love is our resident mixed-up vole for new readers) when I read that Vogue had only introduced normcore to its readers this year, whereas our greenygrey dates back to at least 2006, and this website has been live since January 2008.

Hopefully we’ll be more in vogue with our in-house fashion correspondents, although Paco Wolfsang is currently wolfmanning the fashion denhouse as a skeleton crew, with Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno reported to be in Europe according to a recent XaW File.