Rewilding Britain Theme Finland X Files Parody Poem

Rewilding was discussed on Sunday Morning Live a couple of Sundays ago, with George Monbiot speaking up for it, following the publication of his book of that name. The discussion was focused on the Alladale Wilderness Reserve owned by Paul Lister.

Rewilding Britain Discussion

Lister has proposed reintroducing wolves, lynx and bears within his high-fenced land. The land is currently quite barren, so they are trying to plant trees to recover its former glory, and making it habitable for the return of Britain’s extinct native animals.

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetic writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary poet writer novelist Jack Kerouac.

English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo. A critical...

English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo. A critically endangered Mexican Gray Wolf is kept captive for breeding purposes. Less than 15 Mexican Wolves are currently estimated to survive in the wild. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interviewed on the programme, Lister said it would probably be 20-30 years before wolves were reintroduced, so it will be a long time in the future, if ever, and dependent on how lynx fare before them.

Not knocking Britain, because Blighty still has some great wildlife, as well as making many important animal welfare advances over recent years; and being in some ways better than other European countries in regard to fishing, hunting and farming; but the reports from Russia and the Baltic states from greenYgrey’s latest fantasy travel across Eurasia has inspired us to think how some areas of Britain could be made even more beautiful, in line with the amazing forests and wildlife still thriving in even small countries like Estonia.

X Files Parody Epic Poem

grey wolf

grey wolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The greenYgrey is of course still in Estonia as far as we know, but the latest XaW Files report we’ve received continues its dream regression through Finland, with this one continuing down the eastern side of the dream arc while thinking about rewilding Blighty.

Thanks to Denyse Shorrocks for allowing her artwork in the middle of the poem to be used, and there’s lots more at the Stoneart Design website… including lots more greenYgrey.

Chapter 2 Episode 12

I fell down the world
as my dream unfurled
Pudasjarvi, Taivalkoski,
Kajaani, Suomussalmi,
wrestling with my memory
never needing anybody
to tell me what to do
but to understand me true
through and through
down to you
time in lieu
Love and me
wolf bear honestly
would you come back to Blighty
for enough wilderness to live free
forgive us for the mission
of your ancestors extinction
I like the way you live
free in Finland please give
a little time and thought
to a question that is
in essence short
but admittedly
the ramifications
are long and complex
and I am only a duplex
held together by a Y
maybe you’ll understand me
better in rune lexicology
it would be better if I was wolf
but in fact I’m better explained
by eolh-secg symbology

I’d like to provide defence,
sacred ground sanctuary
but I can’t speak for everybody
because Blighty’s a democracy
I think it would be nice to see
wolf and bear under tree
of life like in history
people might appreciate
you more now
time’s getting late
you want to wait
to see which way
the people look
when they settle
the British sea
and live on a lake
safe from dangerous
high waves
allocate us some land
where we can live
wild and free
and your children
are happy with security.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.