Nature Poems Finland Lapland Episode of X Files Parody Fantasy

The Arctic is very cold now, but has the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis to brighten the lives of the people there. Lower down the northern hemisphere, the sun’s heat is also waning, but the sunrises are later in the morning; in fact at the perfect time for the regular morning rush hour or two.

Northern lights over Kulusuk, Greenland

Northern lights over Kulusuk, Greenland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is the greenYgrey of the northern hemisphere’s deepening autumn/fall weather, trying to look on the bright side, and promoting a positive angle to what we generally see as a tragedy!

Nature Poems X Files Parody Episode

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetry travel fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary poet traveller novel writer Jack Kerouac. This season is full of poetic resonance, with multiple colours brightening the countryside, and the summer life cycle either dying or storing up to prepare for winter.

The greenYgrey just keeps fantasy rambling, because it has Love by its side:

Chapter 2 Episode 11: Poetry from the Top of the World… Mind

Leaving the Lemmenjoki

Our Y seemed particularly sad to leave the Lemmenjoki River. It was only after leaving that I realised Y did of course have a special bond with the river, through their yellow and lemony name connection.

Northern Lights (novel)

Northern Lights (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The green and grey sides of me felt down about being so insensitive and stupid, but told ourselves that the last episode was already full of Lemmenjoki humour.

Y noticed our thoughtfulness; about being thoughtless; and asked why?

We (Green and Grey) thought Y was questioning itself at first, but then realised it was talking to us. We told it (Y) why, and it told us not to worry about it (Y), and even made a little joki about it (not Y).

We thought about telling you its (Y) joke, but thought you’ve probably had enough lemon jokies by now, and that’s definitely the end of it (not Y)!

Nature Poems Coffeeny Cacophony Epiphany 

The Savage Poetry

The Savage Poetry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last post of course ended up being full of prose, making you perhaps wonder why we’d said at the start that we could only write poetry at the time.

Well, the poetry was bubbling up under my feet and paws, or was it down over my hair and fur, and the prose rose up or fell from it… straight into the last episode post.

Now, as I felt my dream sliding down the arc of my Finnish dream, Love and I picked up all the poetry, and posted it back to the greenYgrey world. We hope you get to read it soon!

Space Brain

I will still hear the sun
with my hearing gone
in my last mid-winter.

Rain Supreme

You can’t train
the rain
You can’t teach
each drop
a formation fall
all free
I blame clouds
they loudly
bring them up
tea cup
filling with water
wishing what?

Seagulls at Freemantle2

Seagulls at Freemantle2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Sky Train of Thought

If the sky
didn’t look
so brooding
would the seagulls
look so angelic.

If the buildings
were higher
than the rain
seagulls or sky
would I have noticed.

If there had been
a crepuscular ray
beaming down
from sky to seagulls
would I have really
believed the seagulls
were angels.

If there had been
a crepuscular ray
beaming down
from sky to seagulls
would I have not
that what I saw
without the ray
was ordinary
and not worthy
of writing down at all.

If I had not thought
of a crepuscular ray
would you believe
I saw anything at all?

Fuel for Flight

Love the scavengers
for they do not kill
and keep Earth clean.

My Sun Will Never Burn… Out

Just because I stand
under the sun
doesn’t mean its special
especially to me
we have no particular
personal history
just our central star
for all of humanity
my feelings towards it
are somewhere between
avoiding cancer
and getting enough
vitamin D…
but I’d be lying
if I said I didn’t love it
the way it looks
the way it warms
the way it talks to me
and makes me write these things!

English: Mind Your Head

English: Mind Your Head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Living on the Top Floor: All in the Mind

My numbskulls
are having a party
coffees and music
writing under sky
they’re going wild
what an atmosphere
I can feel inside
the chatter
as they meet
old friends
and make
new contacts
problem solving
mind mapping
they are
brain storming
there’s a storm
in my brain
hey keep the racket down
I’ve had enough now
can’t a guy
get some shuteye
in this block
I feel like a
cat on a hot tin roof.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.


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