Hurricane Gonzalo, Humanity, God, Religion and Weather

I heard on the news this morning ‘Yellow warning be a were’. I didn’t really think it was our Y warning people to be a were animal today, or even to be aware, as I knew Hurricane Gonzalo was due… and our Y wasn’t there… but I did think I could use that on the blog today.

Warnings colours

Met Office

Weather Report

Hi, it’s Michael Werewolf, satirical comedy rebranded weather person-wolf at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary weatherman Michael Fish.

Although Michael Fish was a great weatherman for many years, he is best remembered for playing down the October, 1987 hurricane that was the worst for decades in the U.K.

It happened a couple of months after Marc Latham left on his first travel. I’m not saying the elements were upset at Marc leaving, just that he wasn’t home at the time, so can’t be responsible for that weather event, unless he was unknowingly a-were in Crete.

Weather, Media and Power

Thinking of today’s weather forecasts, and yesterday’s blog about Lost Kingdoms of Central America, I was thinking how some of those civilisations’ power was based on the ruling elite claiming to be able to control the weather, which led to many sacrifices, not unlike those being committed by I.S. in the name of their god in the Middle-East now.

Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained

Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, in the modern world, people with new media who use weather forecasts could appear as powerful as the old rulers of society.

For people who don’t know the power and relative accuracy of modern weather forecasts, storm-chasers who appear with storms could appear like prophets of warning or doom, depending how the locals fare under the storm.

Brave Atheist Admits Surviving Tornado Without Belief in God

That reminded me of a clip I remember seeing on Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe featuring Wolf Blitzer, the CNN dude who inspired our very own Wolf Whitzer.

Although I hoped to import it into the greenYgrey world then, I thought you might not be ready for it at the time.

Like the brave, sharp and lucky woman saying she doesn’t mind people thanking the lord, we don’t mind anybody believing in religions, it’s just when they try and force them on people, and try silencing any questioning of them… especially with imprisonment, torture and execution… although the same can be true of other political and power systems too!

God View not Confirmed: Positive and Negative

We don’t try and claim there is no god in the greenYgrey world, and think there may be some kind of spirit or creator somewhere in the universe, or universes, or outside them all overlooking them.

Whether believing in a supernatural afterworld, reincarnation or going back to the Earth, a belief or faith in something can be a comfort, and we hope there is something nice beyond mortal finite life.

However, we don’t know. I do know that at the moment we are living in an exciting era finding out loads about the wonders of this world and its place in the universe, so I think we should make the most of that.

Human Behaviour

Sometimes a belief in a higher power judgement of some kind can lead to better human behaviour, but promises of afterworld rewards can also be used to persuade people to throw their lives away, and commit atrocities.

As with most things in the human world, it fits in with greenYgrey theory… as well as many other theories that are even more ancient, such as yin and yang, which is thought to be at least about 4500 years old.

We just believe that people should have the freedom to know the whole truth about all religions and ideologies, and the best current scientific knowledge about everything.

Human Universe 20141021121142

Brian Cox is currently doing a great job explaining the latest scientific developments related to the meaning of everything, and how life on Earth probably started, in Human Universe.

The second episode had so much greenygrey value it deserves a special! In the human television world it was called Why Are We Here? When it was imported into the greenYgrey world its letter atoms seemed to get jumbled about, as it emerged as Y Are He Were?!

Most of the modern scientific findings concerning the mind, body and space seem more in line with the most ancient religions/philosophies in the East, or pagan beliefs around the world, than the monotheist Middle-East religions currently dominating the world… with wars.

Weather Gods and Whether Gods Exist 

Great human civilisations and their beliefs and gods have come and gone, and the current ones will one day evolve into something different, as the Central American ones have done. Some of the old beliefs survive in artwork, but most were lost in time.

Yin and yang stones

Yin and yang stones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are weather systems with even greater fluctuations than here on our planet throughout the solar system and universe. Droughts and sun-blocking volcanic smoke are thought to have contributed to the decline of Central America’s great civilisations.

The old god-chiefs died, but their blood and genes probably still continue to course through the ancient lands… within normal people living normal lives, and probably believing in other god or gods.