Strongbow Advert Bitter Sweet Leads to Poem Treat… Times Three

Is it me,
or am I,
just parody?

Nothing is as it seems at the greenygrey,
for it seems as if there are no seams,
holding us together in any well-spun way,
just ideas spinning wildly like frayed dreams.

Sorry about that artistic license, as I’d originally started the blog with a nice n’ neat intro wondering: is it me… or are adverts improving in their greenYgrey quality, adding different shades of greenYgrey, combining colours and thematic binary contrasts.

After the Twix advert featured last month, Strongbow has created an advert mixing greenYgrey colours with a bitter – sweet theme.

Twix to Strongbow Adverts

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, television correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Hill.

Strongbow are no strangers to greenYgrey themes, being previously featured on this blog for their May spring flavours colours theme that captured the old greenygrey and rebranded greenYgrey brilliantly… although they had the latter preceding the former in the image:

We wonder if Strongbow’s great adverts are the greenYgrey’s direct influence, or a weird X Files-style coincidence conspiracy mystery; on second thoughts we wonder if we wonder that because we’re well into creating an intriguing XaW Files parody comedy poetry book at the moment?

Advert Inspired Poetry

Either way, both adverts seem ‘tres bon’ greenYgrey,
with the French word for ‘very’ pronounced trey,
Bon was also the first name of AC/DC’s Scottish origin Scott,
inspiration for Bonzo Scottie in Werewolf of Oz who liked to rock a lot.

Please excuse my artistic license, as the above poem has no relevance to the advert at all.

By the way, the link for Bonzo’s Mel Gibson Gillian Taylforth – Melbourne Werewolf of Oz wisdom in the last XaW Files blog was for the preceding WoO post, when Holly Valance set the best and scrumptious bubble and squeak task, and has now been changed to the right one, with the link here if you prefer.

Anyway, here’s the advert, enjoy!:

Breaking News

Typical, just as I thought my day’s greenYgrey work was done, I go and find lots more greenygrey!

Being a dedicated greenYgreyist, I couldn’t let the greenYgrey gold go, and just had to mine it this moment.

Yes, as you might have noticed at the end of the above video, there’s loads more gold in them there Strongbow adverts.

These Rio challenge adverts not only have great greenygrey scenery, but the two competitors are divided by a yellow line like our Y divides green and grey. Eerie or what?

Brazil 2014 was already considered the greenYgrey world cup, and is still providing greenYgrey gold four months later in a new football season..!