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What is the point of travelling, learning and learning about travelling. I think it is enjoyable and  can be useful for current thought processes and future knowledge. Sometimes, the best part of travelling is the feeling that you are not learning… or even living: that you are outside any human reality, and back within nature, the natural way of living… an existential space open to the universe, freed of any cultural indoctrination… but you are also emptied of fun and games… and they can draw you back into the human web, where you’ve got to accept the laws of the land over the laws of nature.

Having Fun Learning

Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland Suomi: Lemme...

Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland Suomi: Lemmenjoen kansallispuisto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the Lemmenjoki River… is in the north of Finland. This photo of rebranded greenYgrey makes me think I was there yesterday!

Will Lemmenjoki registered in my mind be useful to me, maybe. Will it replace some other snippet of knowledge in my brain that could be useful, maybe too.

Our brains are being filled up with information and knowledge every day, some of it conscious and some of it unconscious.

Derren Brown has been instrumental in educating British audiences about learning and processing, consciously and unconsciously, and I noticed just from a recent advert that Katherine Mills is doing similar stuff on the Watch television channel.

Fantasy Ramble Learning

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical comedy fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland Suomi: Lemme...

Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland Suomi: Lemmenjoen kansallispuisto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While Grey’s Werewolf of Oz was more about plot and story by Google Maps, the Greenygrey’s first ramble around North America was more about literary nonsense travel by acronyms, helping us and readers remember Idaho from Iowa, and Washington from Wisconsin.

I’d never heard of the Lemmenjoki before the greenYgrey got there, but its name just seemed to fit perfectly for this story, reminding me more of the North American ramble, and our general theme of remembering place names while having fun virtually travelling… and especially as we like to include a little humour in the stories?

This episode contains three ways of memorising we’ve learnt over the years, through our intuition and imagination, and learnt techniques from education and television:

  1. repetition – Lemmenjoki is the focus of this episode.
  2. alternative meanings – Lemmenjoki is separated into English language different words from its Finnish language reality.
  3. creating stories – stories are created out of alternative meanings. As Brown and Mills teach, stories are easier to remember than words alone.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, and I’ll let you get virtually rambling (and remembering)yourselves…

XaW Files Chapter 2 Episode 10

Coca Cola Polar Bears Advert

I kept trying to write down prose, but could only write poetry. I wondered what was wrong. I asked Love. Love said perhaps that’s they way it’s meant to be in Lapland; it is of course a magical fairy tale land, at the top of Finland with the Northern Lights dancing ephemerally in the sky at the top of the world above… and a certain Santa Claus said to live in the vicinity.

Remembering Christmas made me sit down and relax, like the polar bears in a famous  Coca Cola Northern Lights advert:

I didn’t have much to say about travelling in Lapland anyway, it was just the same same Sami pristine nature everywhere. There was nothing that different; nothing stood out that much;
because it was tranquillity
beautiful ordinary
wonderful naturally
like the world was meant to be,
like it was in prehistory,
like clouds in the sky to the Cree,
a time of reflective poetry
shared by just Love and me.

Finnish Mythological Universe Structure Image

Somewhere, sometime, under the Northern Lights, I saw this greenYgrey image impression of the structure of the Finnish mythology universe:

Maailman rakenne suomalaisessa mytologiassa. P...

Structure of universe in Finnish mythology. My own drawing based on book of E.N Setälä (1932). Added the whirld and mountain. Author: Tuohirulla (Wikipedia)

Double Lemmenjoki River Jokies

English: Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland, ph...

English: Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland, photo of the river Suomi: Joki Lemmenjoen kansallispuistossa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As my minds; for as usual, I was in at least two minds; sensed new serenity Y said it was looking forward to Limpopoing down the Lemmenjoki River. I asked Y what relevance the Lemmenjoki had.

It (Y) said that firstly, according to Wikipedia, due ‘to an erroneous folk etymology, the form Lemmenjoki is often associated with the Finnish word lempi (genitive form lemmen), meaning “love”.’

Secondly, the name reminded it of Jack Lemmon, who liked to tell jokes.

Love Lemmen Joke

I asked Love if it knew of the Finnish lemmen?

It said it knew a lemming family from Oulu a few years back (leading to us visiting them told in the last thrilling Oulu episode, which was of course in the future from this episode, which is further back in my dream).

Love then amazed me with its lemming knowledge; kind of like Bonzo did with his Mel Gibson info on the edge of Melbourne with Holly Valance‘s best and scrumptious bubble and squeak on the line in a classic Werewolf of Oz episode; saying: ‘They are subniveal animals, and together with (we) voles (not weevils) and muskrats, they make up the subfamily Arvicolinae – also known as Microtinae.’ Bank_vole

I was even more impressed afterwards, when I looked it up on Wikipedia I saw it had quoted the info word for word, as well as appropriately adding in the ‘we’ before voles. Once again, I thought you’ve just got to love Love!

However, there was just one problem, it hadn’t answered my original question. I guessed it had mistaken lemmen and lemming, and after its impressive answer I didn’t like to ask again, as Love is a fragile thing. I suggested we try and visit Love’s lemmings if we reached the Baltic Sea city (and that we did, although as regular readers will know from the Oulu episode, it was a tragedy to match the Greek epics… on a microtinae scale… which sounds quite Greek itself, and isn’t far off, being Latin).

Jack Lemmon Lemmenjoki

Returning to Y’s double Lemmenjoki suggestions I put lempi love to one side, and looked up Jack Lemmon jokes. Rather conveniently, I soon found a YouTube video with Jack Lemmon’s favourite joke:

Problem is, I didn’t find the joke that funny, although Lemmon tells it very well, and its meaning is made clearer in the comments below it on YouTube. So like lempi love, I thought the Lemmon joke was close to capturing the essence of the Lemmenjoki River, but no cigar for Jack.

Nevertheless, it seems a good way to remember the Lemmenjoki name.


The Limpopo is a river in Africa.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.