Szczesny of Poland Claims GG Goalie Shirt and Team GG Wins Formula 1

We had been thinking of a ‘They think it’s all over…’ England winning 1966 World Cup commentary, or a ‘Red Bull your boys took a hell of a beating…’ Norway commentator after win v England in 1981 theme to this blog, celebrating Team GG/Mercedes winning this year’s Formula 1 constructors’ championships with three races to go.

Deutsch: Jules Bianchi

Deutsch: Jules Bianchi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, the win and celebrations were tainted and subdued by the injuries sustained by Jules Bianchi in the previous Japan Grand Prix, which we heard about after posting that race’s blog, and we wish him the best in his fight for life.

Russia Grand Prix

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the greenYgrey, inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

We try not to go overboard with condolences, as ‘ordinary’ people die in accidents every day, and if you mention one ‘celebrity’ you’re expected to mention all, and might be considered prejudiced if you miss one out, but seeing as how we had blogged about that race we thought we should mention Bianchi.

Although the weather played a part in Bianchi’s crash, it seemed to be mostly about human error, in the way the race was allowed to proceed in such difficult conditions.

Grand Prix (1966 film)

Grand Prix (1966 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was another Hamilton-Rosberg 1-2 for Team GG in Russia, providing a perfect way to clinch the constructors’ championship. Red Bull are in second place, and we thank them for their original inspiration, along with Team GB, and sporting competition.

Ironically, Lewis Hamilton drives for Team GG and would be in Team GB if there was a countries competition rather than private companies.

Football Goalie Shirts

There was a changeover in greenygrey goalie shirts in Warsaw on Saturday night, as mostly green met mostly grey, with the latter keeping a clean sheet as Poland beat Germany 2-0 in a Euro 2016 qualifier.

Manuel Neuer had claimed THE greenygrey goalie shirt, as there is a yellow jersey for leaders of the Tour de France, after he inspired Germany to victory in Brazil’s World Cup 2014.

poland goalie

Wojciech Szczesny celebrates with a gYgboo, creating a Y with tired arms above a Nike swish yellow completes greenygrey kit and boots combination.

Neuer looked as if he’d hold on to THE greenYgrey goalie shirt for a long time, but Wojciech Szczesny pulled off some glorious saves on Saturday to keep the Germans at bay.

Szczesny wore an all-grey kit and green/yellow boots to look greenygrey great as he flew through the air, and pounced to the ground, to shut out the 29-shots Germans.

He even had time to fit in a gYgboo at the end, as described in the image caption. It’s the first gYgboo seen on this site for quite a while, showing how quickly fashions can change in the greenygrey… maybe it’s because Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno has left to star in the XaW Files?!

Personally, I hope this is a return to fashion for the gYgboo, and it is great to see it has not been forgotten.

Poland to England, Estonia greenYgrey Link Play

In an amazing piece of link play I’m now setting in motion, the gYgboo seems to have outlasted the Poznan in Britain, which was adopted by Manchester City from Poland’s Lech Poznan… or maybe I just haven’t watched Man. City closely this season.

The Poznan consists of fans linking arms and jumping up and down with their backs turned to the field of play, creating a kind of www effect.

Manchester City’s Joe Hart is leading the chasing pack for the greenYgrey goalie shirt, after again keeping a clean sheet wearing greenygrey, this time for England v Estonia, with one of the stars of yesterday’s blog, Wayne Rooney, scoring the only goal in Talinn.

The greenYgrey is of course still thought to be in Estonia, dreaming of its fantastic fantasy rambling through Finland told in the XaW Files.